A Little Time Travel Goes a Long Way

I have told you about one of the August releases ~ Explosive: Deadly Connections from the Men of Action series, but today I’m going to tell you about the second August release ~ Hydra, from the Adventures Through Time series.



A Roman warrior from the past. A writer from the future. Their common bond is that they’re the only humans trapped in a time and a land where the monsters are bigger, stronger and faster. Will their fight for survival draw them together? Or will the distraction of a beautiful woman weaken this warrior’s fight?



“I do not know a way home,” he stated as if he too was still striving for home. “Caesar will have my head for deserting if I do manage to get back.”

“Rome’s going to fall anyway, don’t sweat it.” She looked around the cave; there were drawings on the wall. Somebody had been here before them.

“Rome will never fall!”

“I’m from two thousand twelve and I assure you it fell—big time.” He growled angrily. “Don’t be angry with the messenger. It’s not like I did it. You all did it to yourselves.” She tried to study the drawings, but she couldn’t make them out. “Maybe something in here will tell us how to get home. Can you read any of these?”

“Why should I tell you? According to you I’ll have no home to go back to should we be able to leave. I would have to stay. You would go. The way I see it,” he stood, rising to the full height of himself—all six foot two inches of him. “You belong to me here. If I keep you then I have a mate.”

She took one giant step back. “Hold off there, buddy;” she held her hand out to keep him at bay. “That’s not how this works. You have to ask a lady, you don’t just lay claim to her. I don’t even know you.”

“I just saved your life.” The burning depths of his ash eyes made her stomach quiver with fear.

“I thank you for that; I do. But that doesn’t mean I’m giving myself over to you. Look, I was with other people on that ship and they started disappearing; maybe they’re all here somewhere.”

“I was with other warriors on the battlefield. Some vanished before me and then I vanished. I don’t know how many were taken, but I do know I have found none of them here.”

Hydra will be out in August 2012. Happy Sunday to you :).


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