Wednesdays with the Arts: Changes

I have been trying to wait for great lighting as I am using my mother’s video camera to get pictures of the sewing projects. Unfortunately, great lighting did not come my way. I have been working on the corset. I don’t work on it every day, but I can tell you that I made a lot of changes to the front…okay, one major change. I also attached the last of the pieces to the corset (but remember I want to change the back so I need to cut new pieces to attach).

The change to the front is the zipper. Remember how I had it showing from the outside? I like the look, there’s something artistic about it. However, my mother thought it would look better if I put the zipper inside. I was skeptical because I usually put zippers on the inside and this was going to be something a bit different for this corset design (I have a heart-shaped one with the zipper on the outside already so it’s not a big deal really). Since she had already taken the zipper apart (long story…but definitely not a bad thing) I thought I would try it. You know, I like it on the inside too. Since I’m closing up the back instead of adding the corset lacing this will look more like a top (I think) than an undergarment. I will be able to wear it either way and that should be nice. I think it will look very pretty paired with a pencil skirt and a suit jacket. Or I could wear it with pants and a cardigan. I have options.

All that’s left (All? Right…) is to close the back, and add the trim. I went back to the store, but they still don’t have the trim I would like to use and they don’t have anything that looks as if it will go with the material I’m already working with so I’m without trim right now. Since I still have to spend a significant amount of time altering the back of the corset I am not so worried about not having trim. And if all fails on the trim front I can always hem the top and bottom.

So that’s my sewing progress thus far. Knitting is going okay too–it’s slow, but it’s still okay.


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