Wednesdays with the Arts: Corset in Progress

I am working on the corset…still. I’m not working very much on it. Sunday was supposed to be my sewing day, but I had to spend most of the day working on the copyright issues and then I had the second half of the day planned to spend with my mom so I did that. Basically, this corset is still a (slow) work in progress.


Unzip Me 

Red and Black Brocade Corset in Progress


I’m using a red and black brocade fabric. I have a dress out of the same material actually. As you can see, I have gone for a zipper instead of the corset busk for the front closure. I rather like this option because there are no holes to put in 🙂 and because it gives the corset a different look that I happen to like. It’s also easier to get into. Actually I don’t mind doing the holes for the corset busk section because they are far easier to work with than the rapidly closing holes for the lacing section. Now that’s going to be an issue. First of all, I hate doing that section—setting the grommets that is. And secondly, I am out of black corset lacing. I will have to order it online and currently I am broke. But as slow as I’m working on this thing I’m sure I’ll still be getting to that section by next month so I’ll get it then.

Other than the “Unzip Me” look of the front you’ll notice the little pieces of silver going up the red. That is where I need to baste the sections together before attaching the next pieces, so those silver things are the pins. The pins are placed from the underside of the fabric so you can’t see their yellow heads, but they’re there ;). You’ll also probably notice that a hint of lining is showing on one side. I don’t know why that piece is wider. I cut the same piece, on the same line, and yet the fabric is slightly wider. I probably did something wrong with the serge, but I’m not sure because I stay on the edge with all of my fabrics. I was trying to see if I could get it to fit, but it’s not fitting and I’ll have to trim it before I attach the next set of pieces to that side.

There’s so much left to do on this corset. There’s putting the rest of those tiny pieces together and attaching them section by section. There’s setting the grommets. There’s attaching the trim (not sure what I’m using yet because I’m out of that too). I think I’m going to get more of the black velvet trim…but I’ll see when I go to the store if I see anything I like better. The store has trim…it does not have my corset supplies so I have to order everything else online. This is what happens when I start a project and then walk away from it. I cut this corset pattern out before we moved and months later…here I am working on it again, but I’ve used some of the materials on other things, and other materials I decided to add as a pattern change so I never had them in the first place.

I could probably finish this faster…no probably about it actually; I could definitely finish this faster if I appropriated more time to work on it. I’m taking my time, and I’m trying something different with the back (I think) when I get to that section so I don’t know when this will be done. When it’s done I’ll show you all the finished corset.

For now, this is all I’ve sewn:



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