Copyright Law Update

I just spoke with my attorney who is referring me to an Intellectual Property attorney and I found out some things I thought I would share with you all.

1. You still may be able to sue even if you didn’t register your copyright prior to infringement, however it would have to go through common law court even though copyright infringement is federal.It is much harder to sue this way, per the attorney. Basically that was his way of saying register the copyright prior to publication.

2. In common law court you may or may not be able to recoup your legal fees, while if your work was already registered before the infringement you would have been able to go through federal courts and recoup your legal fees.

3. Copyright infringement is also criminal, so you may be able to file criminal charges as well.

4. You can also contact the Attorney General to inquire about legal pursuits.

So, you have options either way, but registering your copyright just gives you more options. I would have more information for you all but my shorthand sucks and I was taking notes in longhand form. If any of you have information you care to share, please feel free to do so.


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