Friday Dish: The Forgetful Blogger

Hello everybody :). Welcome to another Friday Dish. Well, if you saw the title you know I’m talking about a forgetful blogger…that would be me. I finished this book trailer on Sunday (I think) and I meant to share it with you all on the Wednesdays with the Arts post, but clearly I went in a completely different direction. So, I’m sharing today.  But before I share…here’s a week in review–the abridged version of course ;).

Writing has a tendency to take over so I have spent the week writing as usual. I’m editing recently finished stories and working on writing some of the ones that I have been writing for a little while, while working on the ones that I have just started within the past week. Every book needs a cover so I have been working on getting covers together. For one of the books I did far too many covers and then had to pick which one I liked best. After I picked I still wanted something else, something with at least both characters on the book (no I cannot magically create photos of people who look exactly like my fictional book characters, but these come sort of close).

I came up with a cover I liked, but then it was finding a text color that not only stood out on the cover, but also wasn’t too far off from the colors already on the cover. I wanted a harmonious blend. I had to use my computer for part of the design process and my mother’s computer for the other. She has more of the fonts I like on her computer. But on my computer I have more color options. I was definitely limited one way or the other. Now by limited I don’t mean that she doesn’t have a lot of color options…I just have more. I needed a shade of blue, not too soft, not too hard. I went through every shade of blue on my computer and found a really pretty one. Unfortunately I liked the font on my mother’s computer better and the “really pretty” shade of blue isn’t on her computer. Compromise is a part of life. I’ll show you all that cover when the book is closer to being released.

I also have the cover for Deliverance together. It’s my science fiction-romance book. It too has a book before it in the Adventures Through Time series. I like this series because it’s constantly taking me in new directions. If you read Called to Duty, Returning Sheba and Warrior Rising then you most likely saw some differences. In Returning Sheba and Warrior Rising my ladies had to go back to the future. In Called to Duty my guys went way back to ancient Egypt. Hydra (the next book in the series) and Deliverance also follows a different kind of time travel experience. I’m working on another time travel book now that brings yet another element into the time travel mix. I’m having fun with it, obviously, and I can’t wait to get back to work on the other stories in the series.

Outside of writing and cover design I put the book trailer together. This is for the August Men of Action series release ~ Explosive: Deadly Connections.


That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a good weekend everybody :)!.


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