Friday Dish: Flaming Potholders

My week so far has been interesting. I have been working on edits and writing all week and yesterday my potholder fell in the oven and caught fire. Yes, it was definitely set a blaze and fortunately I didn’t panic, but at the same time it kind of makes me think of how easy kitchen fires can start. I always think of the food cooking yet forgotten, or the dishcloth too close to the oven, but rarely do I think of potholders falling into the oven. It caught fire so fast. But all is right in the house…well, the potholder didn’t really make it and I should probably throw it away, but you know even with the hole burned into it I think it’s partially still usable…

By way of writing I’m still working on Sworn to Secrecy, the next book in the Special Ops series and the Search and Rescue segment. I went back through because there was a scene I felt the story still needed so I had to put it in there. Now that it’s in I need to get the ending on, which I’m really close to and so finishing  it just involves sitting down and focusing on it. After that I’ll have to edit it.

Speaking of edits ;)… Since I finished writing the other time travel story I have been looking at the copy I printed out sitting there waiting for me to edit it. I was working on other edits so I kind of put it on hold. Now that I have finished the print edits for my December Men of Action series release (I just have to put those edits in the electronic file) I hope to get to edits on that story after I finish the final round of edits on Hydra. I just got the edits for that one back from my editor so this should definitely be the last round, but I’ll most likely go through it again before the tentative release date. My editor also gave me back the edits on two of my older rereleases but I haven’t gotten around to getting them finalized and ready to release again. I should…I know, but I haven’t. I did start another time travel book for the Adventures Through Time series. I seem to be working on that series a lot more lately, but when the ideas come I write them and the ideas are definitely coming.

I have worked on the design for three of the book covers. Overall it has been a productive week for my world of writing. I need to get to work on my next sewing project this weekend and I’m scheduled to do an all day movie fest with my mom so I can pretty much say this weekend will not be as productive in writing and editing. I’ll definitely do some, but I’m also doing a bit of a much needed break to put aside the fictional characters and hang out with the living ones.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week, same time, same place. Have a great weekend you all!


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