Wednesdays with the Arts: To Corset or Not to Corset

Obviously I like making corsets. I don’t really know why other than I feel as if I’m rather good at it and I like wearing corsets on occasion. I also love making formal dresses, which is probably why my closet is rapidly becoming full of them even though I have no place to wear them. Anyway, I finished the heart shaped corset (another one) that I was working on. I still need to finish off the Victorian corset that I cut out a while ago, and then I can move on to my skirt and while I was going to make another corset I have decided to make a corset-like top instead. I’m basically out of my corset making supplies after I finish the Victorian one and I won’t be able to order more until next month :(. Being able to improvise is always a good thing.

So here it is; my heart shaped corset.

I particularly like the colors and the brocade with satin blend trim. I added the butterfly dangling from the front because I love butterflies. I was going to add a key pendant that I have, but because of the gray tones in the key and the dangling faux pearls it didn’t look right. My idea was to have it right in the center in a “key to my heart” kind of way. But the solid silver tone of the butterfly worked best so I went for the butterfly.

The view from the back looks great too.

Although I will admit that I rather hate dealing with grommets. If the holes would stay open just a little longer it wouldn’t be such a challenge to get them in right.

So what’s next for my sewing adventures:

  • Victorian Corset (brocade red and black)
  • Skirt with a top in matching material
  • Cloak (dressy for all those formal dresses) I may have somewhere to wear it one day.
  • Bikini (I’ve been trying to get around to making this for a while now)
  • Underwear (preferably something without tons of padding and under wire).
  • Night clothes (preferably something retro like old elegant Hollywood style.)

So far that’s the list although I do have projects I really should finish. They’re projects I started in my first attempt to learn how to sew and I would like to fix them and finish them, so it’s on the list…just not very high up on the list ;). The list is subject to change as I am sure I will find fabric and a pattern (probably another formal dress) that I just have to make. Plus I don’t have everything I need to make the cloak, the bikini, or the underwear…or the night clothes for that matter, so without placing an order online for some things, or finding fabric at the fabric store (a store that does not carry boning by the way) I’m pretty much going to not have what I need to make any of those things. I’m not worried about it. Between writing, editing and making the corset, the skirt and the top, I’m going to be rather busy for quite some time.



  1. Gorgeous! That is an impressive to-do list. And I love the idea of a cloak. The world needs more finery. I just tend to wear my evening dresses around the house as I don’t get to wear them out of it. 😀

    • Thank you :). Wearing evening dresses at home…good idea actually :). I think maybe I’ll try it. It could make for a nice, elegant dinner one night to dress up, put the china out and have a fun night at home. I might try that one of these days because otherwise the only thing wearing my dresses is the hanger in my closet ;).

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