Fly on the Wall Sunday: Fashionably Dead

Hello July! Right around this time of year I start to realize that soon it will be fall, and then winter, when the days will feel shorter because the darkness will come sooner. I know, it’s only the first of July and we still have some time in this area of the world before summer leaves us for the year, but I have a tendency to think months ahead sometimes ;).

This July I have three novellas coming out. We took a look at the first one last week—A Rancher’s Love. That one will be out on All Romance E-Books and Lulu shortly (Kindle and Nook later in the month). The second book of the month will be Fashionably Dead . This book is part of the Forbidden Passions series. You probably remember the first book in the series, Love’s Last Hope. We have the Tinsdale family and the Eastwick family in this series. Now there are far more Eastwicks than Tinsdales, so there will probably be more books dealing with the Eastwick family than the Tinsdale family. We do still have Donovan’s daughter on the Tinsdale side. She’s really not a nice woman. She still may eventually get a story though. For now, in this upcoming book, we’re going into Victor Eastwick’s world. I like to say this book is romance with a hint of mystery because there is a bit of a mystery to the storyline, but it’s not the sole focus for this story.


Kendraya a.k.a. Kendra hasn’t had time to venture into a relationship. She works for one of the cruelest fashion designers in the industry; a woman who would probably cut out her own mother’s heart if she thought it would keep her on top in the fashion world. With a boss like that, and her dreams of starting her own fashion line, Kendra has been busy trying to keep her job long enough to save money for her own business; she hasn’t even entertained the thought of dating because there’s just no time. Victor Eastwick won’t be deterred. He’s a man who knows exactly what he wants, and he wants Kendraya Smith.


“I wasn’t talking to you,” the sweet voice rung out once again. “I,” he looked directly at Kendra, “was talking to you.”

“Me?” She asked, shocked because God knows men like him didn’t approach her. She was short…average in looks—at least she thought so, and not the standard in the industry. Guys came to her as her friend, her big brother or somebody who wanted her to apply her psychological counseling skills to their current problem—they did not try to pick her up for a date.

“Yes, you. Why not you?”

“It’s just that…” she looked at Milana who had a scowl on her face. “Well I assumed…they always…that is…” She realized she was rambling so she decided to shut up.

“Let’s go Kendra.” Milana snapped as she started walking away.

“Um…here’s my card…call me. We can do lunch or something.”

“Now!” Milana barked.

“Why do you put up with that?”

“Unfortunately, I really need my job.” After a warm smile and a quick goodbye she hurried to catch up with Milana. She really did need her job or she would have been out the door a long time ago. She had plans…plans that might not ever work out, but dreaming about them helped her get through all those days when she just wanted to push Milana in a tub of fabric dye, throw in her office keycard and hit the door.


Fashion, murder and romance collide in Fashionably Dead. This story will be out later this month. There’s a little something for everybody this month so if you’re strictly into romance stories then A Rancher’s Love might be the book for you. If you like a little mystery with your romance then you might like Fashionably Dead. And if you’re a science fiction fan, then you might like Called to Duty which is science fiction with a hint of romance. I’ll tell you more about that book (the third July book release) next time. Have a great July you all :)!



  1. Please tell me there is more to this particular story because this the first time one of your stories felt incomplete. I have all your books and love your stories. I can’t wait for the next Men of Action book to come out!!

    • Oh, sorry that the story felt incomplete for you. Fashionably Dead’s storyline itself is finished, but Victor, Kendraya and the federal agents come back in the remaining Eastwick stories. Thank you for letting me know what you thought of this book :).

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