Wednesdays with the Arts: Movies into Books

I always say that my books are like movies in my head and that’s because they are. I have always been an avid daydreamer and when I started writing it was because I wanted to write my stories. I never planned for anybody to read them, but I definitely wanted to write them. Fast forward several years and my reasons for writing are still the same, but now I get to share those stories with other people.

Every story that I write either spawns from one of my night dreams or one of my daydreams…now what spawns those daydreams is an entirely different story sometimes it’s a word, an emotion, a song I’m listening to, among other things. But I’ll keep it simple for this post and talk about turning the movies in my head into books…which might, with hopes, one day become an actual movie…now wouldn’t that be cool :).

Anyway, staying on topic here when I say my stories start off as movies in my head it’s exactly what I mean. I see the characters, the setting, and the plot developing like a movie. I can see every scene and envision where each decision will take these characters. Now I don’t always write every one of these movies in my head down on paper. I have a lot of stories going, and some of them I started years ago and need to finish; so sometimes I try to let that brief movie that just played in my daydream stay in my daydream and other times I just have to write the story.

This morning, while sitting at the table having a bagel and a glass of water I was working on one of my upcoming time travel books when I started getting the scenes in mind for another time travel book. Now I had every intention of going back to work on a time travel story I started before I moved away from the last state that I lived in, but this movie just wouldn’t let me block it out. I saw the characters, the scene and could see my characters giving off their dialogue and I thought, oh gee, what will she do next? And of course I just had to write down what I had in mind. Now with this story I haven’t seen the entire movie play out in my head yet. I’m working on a few other stories right now and I need to get those finished. I had to pull in my active imagination and get back to work on the current stories, but at least I wrote down the opening scenes and all I have to do is build the rest of my movie in my head and then write it as I go. I really like the idea for the story so I definitely think I’ll get back to it sooner rather than later, but for now I must focus. Yeah…we’ll see how that goes. Considering the fact that today was supposed to be about sewing so I could show you all my recently finished corset yet somehow I talked only about writing, I’d think it’s safe to say that focusing on one thing isn’t really going to be my forte. It’s okay. I love having an active imagination, even if it does sometimes lead me into a dozen different directions at one time.


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