Wednesdays with the Arts: Corsets and Boning the Art of Sewing

I usually make my own corsets because it’s a lot easier to ensure sizing when I make it than it is to buy a corset and hope I’m getting their measuring chart correct. But I found a corset that I liked so I bought it. It fits, so that’s the plus of it. Unfortunately, they took the boning all the way up, which is something that I don’t do with my own corsets. So with this corset the positioning of the boning actually feels as if it digs into my flesh under my arm on one side. It’s fine when I’m standing and fine when I’m sitting for a little while, but after a few hours it’s time to get out of that thing.

So I guess I can say one great thing about being able to make my own clothes—outside of having the styles I can’t find in the store—is also being able to control every aspect of the outfit in order to have the relatively perfect fit. I can stop the boning in my corset lower so that it’s not uncomfortable for me. Cute and functional is always great for any undergarment and outer garment.

By way of arts I would have to say that sewing is my most functional art, craft/skill I have taken the time to learn; and I am still learning. I like painting; I love black and white film photography, and I clearly love music and learning the cello, but sewing just makes sense to invest my time in learning. Not only do I get the perfect fit, but I get the clothes I actually love to wear. I just can’t find the things I make in the stores nowadays. So being able to have my style in the fabrics I select is a definite plus to this functional art. Whenever I finish my mother’s non-corset corset I’ll get to work on another corset of my own, but this time I’m contemplating making it more like a corset-top that I can wear with a cute skirt instead of under another top. I think I’ll bypass some of the boning too but I’ll have to see how the design alteration goes once I get to working on it. I’ll definitely share photos of the corset once I have it together.


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