Friday Dish: Wishing for Print

So my mother bought me a fabulous gift–a Kindle Touch and a cute cover to go with it. Yes, it’s my first e-reader. I tend to just use Kindle for PC and read all of my favorite indie authors’ e-books (and some traditionally published authors’ e-books) on my computer. So coming out of the digital Dark Ages and into a fairly close to newer age, is pretty cool—especially since it was a gift.

I pull my Kindle out of the box and instantly love the fact that is so light and portable. It’s kind of basic silver-gray, but the cover has this old book look that reminds me of a diary I used to have. I love the idea of the Kindle more thanks to the cute cover and the ease of transporting all of my books. Not to mention we move entirely too often to keep packing up my super-sized library print collection with every move. I’m running out of places to store those books too so I wasn’t able to unpack them all this time.

Where my love of the Kindle stopped is when I realized that figuring out how to use this thing was going to be one of those, “how do I find the home button,” laced with frustration moments. There are no printed directions. Yes, that makes sense. This is digital media after all; why would they waste ink, paper and their time to print out an instructional pamphlet for those of us who are at a slight technological disadvantage? It would have been nice to have print instructions…it really would have.

So, after spending several minutes touching the screen and watching pages go by, trying desperately not to accidentally buy a book that I can’t afford while trying to find the home button, I finally call my mother for assistance. You know I’m desperate if I do this because she usually calls me. She couldn’t figure it out either, but eventually I found something referencing the home button in all those digital files. The home button, or so it says, is “below the screen.” LOL. Right below the screen has me searching down where the USB and headphone sections are. I did not see a home button. Eventually I found a picture of the device on the device 😉 and thanks to that picture I finally found the home button that I needed to press to find the menu button that would take me to the registration section so that I could register my Kindle. This made me wish I had just bought the device from Amazon instead of the local store. It would have been so less stressful if it came already registered.

So, after a rather long process of attempting to get this thing registered I finally have a registered Kindle. I am not sure how I’m getting my books on here, but I have a feeling I’ll be attempting it from my laptop instead of the actual Kindle. My mother assures me once I play with the Kindle long enough I’ll get the hang of it. She’s right and I know that. My fear isn’t that I won’t work out the confusing details. My fear is how many accidental purchases will I make while I try to work it out :)? So, basically, I’m leaving the Wireless off and making all my purchases the way I’ve been making them—from my computer, where I know exactly what I’m doing.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time; same place. Have a great weekend everybody!



    • Yes, sorted out and still learning things about it, but at least I know the important parts like finding and reading the old books from my Kindle for PC days. Oh, and leaving the wireless option off so I don’t make any mistakes buying things I don’t want :).

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