Wednesday with the Arts: The Continuing Saga

So you’ve copyrighted your material. You have that nice piece of paper that ensures the work is yours and you assume that a piece of paper will protect you…then you run into that situation where you really need that piece of paper to protect you and you realize it’s not as easy as they make it seem. That’s my situation right now.

The continuing saga of getting away with selling my books when they don’t have the right to sell my books. They aren’t paying me for them, and I didn’t say they could do it, that would be stealing. That would be DCMA infringement. Getting help is a completely different story. In Amazon’s defense they don’t care because it’s not really their problem. This time around the thieves are not using the Amazon site to sell stolen books so Amazon doesn’t really have a stake in fixing this. Although a really nice man from Amazon sent me a tip to contact the web IP host. Yeah…like I am so technically inclined that I know how to do that. So I asked, and the really nice man actually sent me the IP host link. Clearly I contacted the wrong person to start so they sent me to the right person. Yay! Progress right? Wrong. I contacted them, but it would seem that getting real help is like running an endless marathon. Yes, I’m tired already and I just really started on this particular issue, but I have dealt with this before so perhaps part of being tired is just that I’m tired of fighting the same battle. Now, even though I was trying not to have to do this, I have to get my lawyer involved because I don’t seem to be getting anywhere on my own.I’m angry; tired and downright frustrated that people who steal, and people who knowingly buy stolen materials (emphasis on knowingly because some people don’t know), are out there and they seem to have more protections than the people who consistently do things by the law. In some way I just honestly don’t think this will ever be fixed. I don’t see that happening, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to just stop fighting.

So that’s an update on the continuing saga of thieves and the emotional, financial and psychological distress they cause to the unsuspecting victim.



  1. The world is changeing even as we speak. Stealing is a every day thing among a lot of people. The bible tells us not to steal, but a lot of people just dont care. For those who buy from the stealer they are just as guilty as those who did the stealing and will recieve the same punishment as the stealer in God eye. Man law may not do anything to them but the Almighty God will. You hang in there

    • Thanks for your comment. I think the part of the difficult part is the fight to get this fixed. One would think it would be easier to stop people from doing this, a simple letter to the IP Host or something, but it’s a lot more detailed than that. I did find out I can report them to the FBI Internet Crime division or something like that, but I’m trying to let the lawyer handle it for now and I’ll see what happens from there. Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

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