Fly on the Wall Sunday: She Really Shouldn’t Drink

Hello Sunday! For the past several weeks I have given you the fly on the wall look inside Betrayal of the Dove. This week I’m giving you a look inside Heart of Danger from the Special Ops series.

A little background on the book:

When I started this story I had the very first scene—the bar scene—in mind. I thought, ooh, a short short for the blog, and instead of being a short short the story just took off and became a shorter novel length story. I think I felt more for Natalia because I could understand her reluctance to let Micah know how she felt about him. Eight years is a long time to be falling in love with somebody and not say anything. But, she was afraid of the change it could make to their existing relationship, and the changes it could make to her employment status as well. Plus, she’s shy.

This scene is from the bar. Natalia is standing there watching Micah with his new girlfriend and she’s dangerously close to her breaking point. It’s that point where she realizes that the man she wants is so far out of reach, and the last eight years of her life pining over him is a mistake of astronomical proportions. But no matter how much she wants to forget that she loves him, she’ll never be able to do it. Yeah, that’s a drive a woman to drink inducing moment and Natalia definitely should not be drinking.



“Go easy, Natalia.” Charlie quipped. Her dark chocolate ebony skin was so perfect. She envied that perfection. Perfect women always got the men they loved. Charlie was dating Jethro Jackson, one of the guys in the company, which is why the guys spent so much time at this particular bar.

“Want to dance, gorgeous?”

“Sure,” she tossed her head to the side, flipping her hair just a little. He took hold of her hand and pulled her out onto the dance floor. A Selena Gomez song was on. She heard the words. “I, I love you like a love song…” She knew she loved him. He just didn’t love her. She let the pulsing beat move her body as much as she could because David was seriously crowding her space, but the booze was going to her head already and somewhere in that alcohol induced haze she imagined David to be Micah. She let him rub against her; his hands covering her body in ways that she wished Micah would caress her. Oh boy, she was drunk. That’s why she didn’t drink, because just like all the women on her father’s side of the family she couldn’t handle even a sip and she had just downed two glasses.

“Want to go outside, gorgeous?” She didn’t remember answering him, but she did remember shaking her butt out the door. The next thing she remembered was being up against a car and having lips on her lips, on her neck, on her shoulder. Hands going up her blouse.

“Micah,” she moaned.

“Sure baby, I’ll be whoever you want me to be,” his hands went to her skirt and as he caressed her thighs as he pushed the skirt up.

“Get your fucking hands off of her!”

The man touching her jumped back. If it weren’t for the car behind her she would have hit the ground hard. She looked up to the four angry men surrounding her. “Oh,” she whispered. “Who are you?”


Yep, she shouldn’t drink—ever :o). Heart of Danger is available on Lulu, B&N Nook, Amazon Kindle, and All Romance E-Books.


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