Fly on the Wall Sunday: Betrayal of the Dove

In Betrayal of the Dove, a deadly game is brewing and with two foes on the loose can the good guys win?

The Cast in today’s episode:

Alyssa McGregor ~ Sexy leading lady with an independent streak. Younger sister of Gavin and Thomas McGregor, and older sister to Eve McGregor.

Shane Maxwell ~ Deliciously handsome security expert with off the charts confidence. The man could make a woman melt with the heat coming off his sex appeal.

The Scene:

Finding out the truth.


“So Thomas is behind this. I knew he was; I just hadn’t figured out exactly how. I should have known he wouldn’t keep his nose out of it after our discussion at his wedding.”

“He shouldn’t have kept his nose out of it,” he told her. “This is serious. I’m guessing you didn’t tell him how serious that third attack was or he probably would have been on a plane out here that same day.”

She nodded. “He would have skipped his honeymoon and I didn’t want that. Besides, I didn’t want him to come out here.”

“Playing it close to the vest?”

“It’s not that,” she looked up to the sky before looking back down at him. “It doesn’t really matter I guess. I got a chance to meet you.” She placed her hand softly on his chest and he immediately covered her hand with his.

“You’re beautiful.” He said breathlessly. She smiled.

“Oh, you just want me because I’m a pretty face,” she laughed. “And here I was thinking you were attracted to my mind.”

He laughed. “Trust me, Alyssa; you’re a lot more than just a pretty face.”

Betrayal of the Dove, book nine in the Men of Action series, will be out June 2012. There are only four more days to go before the release. I want to celebrate with another giveaway, but I’m still waiting on what I want to give away to get here. Maybe later :o).


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