Fly on the Wall Sunday: Denial Doesn’t Change Things

In Betrayal of the Dove, a deadly game is brewing and with two foes on the loose can the good guys win?

The Cast in today’s episode:

Alyssa McGregor ~ Sexy leading lady with an independent streak. Younger sister of Gavin and Thomas McGregor, and older sister to Eve McGregor.

Shane Maxwell ~ Deliciously handsome security expert with off the charts confidence. The man could make a woman melt with the heat coming off his sex appeal.

The Scene:

It Wasn’t a Date


They weren’t dating, not technically. That night at the restaurant wasn’t a technical date either since it was just two people who worked together going out for a meal. She nearly laughed at her own reasoning. It was a date—mostly, whether either of them called it as much or not. But since neither had labeled it a date she was free to keep denying what it was and covering it for something it really wasn’t. There was nothing platonic about their feelings. There was nothing business as usual about what they felt for each other, yet she kept trying to pretend that was all it was, and for some reason he seemed content to let her do so.


Betrayal of the Dove, book nine in the Men of Action series, will be out June 2012. There are only twelve more days to go before the release, and only one more Sunday in this month to get a sneak peek at Betrayal of the Dove.


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