Friday Dish: Men of Action and Other Series News

My imagination has been running wild this week and a lot of good things are coming from it. I’m going to tell you all about some of that today. I also promised some information on the Men of Action series along with updates on other series. So let’s get started shall we.

First, I want to tell you about a new series that I’m starting. Yes, I have a few series going right now, but this one is starting late next month or July, depending on when my editor gets finished with the edits on the first book.

This is a four segment series and each segment has four books. There are some former military men (Air Force, and others) in the first segment which follows a search and rescue team. Then in the remaining segments we’ll have characters in various professions that involve some sort of special operations including secret agent men, federal employees, firefighters and more. This is suspense romance, action, and adventure rolled into one massive series. I’m very excited about this series and I think, if you’re enjoying the MOA series, that you’ll enjoy this one too.

The first segment in the four segment series is Special Ops: Search and Rescue. The first book in this section of the Special Ops series is Heart of Danger. I’ll give you all more information on that book when it’s closer to being released. I think I’ll alternate this series with the MOA releases. Since the Shadow Hills series ends next month—yes, the last book in the six month series will be out in June.  Basically, with one series ending it leaves room to alternate the Special Ops series with the remaining MOA series books.  I’ll hold off on telling you more about Heart of Danger for now, but here’s a look at the cover.

The Forbidden Passions series second novella is also in for edits so that should be out soon. If you read Love’s Last Hope then you know about Victor Eastwick already. This is his book. It has a hint of mystery, but mystery is not the only focus. The title of the second book is Fashionably Dead.

Of course there is still the Adventures Through Time series and I’m working on book three. As you may remember books one and two were Returning Sheba and Warrior Rising. Book three is a rather different twist on the time travel segment and I will give you all more information on that book when it’s closer to release. Let’s just say that I like the change and I love where the story is going, but it still has a long way to go. I expect it will be longer than the short story length of the previous two books.

The Gifted Liaisons series is still an active series, but I don’t have any new books planned for the series anytime soon. The new detective series; you all helped me pick a name for the lead female for this series is moderately active. That is my imagination is obsessed with the other stories right now so the detective series is not one that I’m working on every day. I have decided to use the name you all picked for the lead in the detective series as the name for the lead in the second book in the Special Ops series. I will still use it in the detective series as well.  I have non-series books going too, so I am writing a lot, but I love it so it feels great.

Now onto the Men of Action series…I saved one of the best for last here ;). We are getting ready for book nine in the series, Betrayal of the Dove, which will be out next month. There are four more books this year, with the last of the four books being released in December of this year. And then there are four more scheduled books in the series slated for 2013. Originally I thought there would only be three more books for 2013, but I added another one to the list. You all can thank my mom for that one because it was her idea to bring all of the MOA major families back for kind of a reunion of sorts. And I love the idea because I think it will be the perfect send off for the series. Yes, the series will end next year…at least I think so. Sometimes a new character surfaces in a book and I just have to explore the character and give him/her their own book. But, for now I only anticipate four books in 2013 and four more books for this year, making a total of eight books left in the Men of Action series.

I want to thank all of you who have been reading the series. I appreciate your support and your comments on the series books. It is my hope that you’ll enjoy the remaining books in the series and come along with some of the new series books as well.

So that’s about all of my news that I can share this week. Sunday I will have another snippet from Betrayal of the Dove up on the blog, and I promise to share more information with you all about the new series as I can. I’m just guarding it closely right now, but I’ll share as much as I can in the near future.

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place. Have a great weekend everybody!


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