Fly on the Wall Sunday: Meeting the Characters

I promised I would give more details on the June Men of Action series book release and I’m making good on that promise starting today and continuing through the rest of this month for the Fly on the Wall Sundays.

In Betrayal of the Dove, a deadly game is brewing and with two foes on the loose can the good guys win?

The Cast in today’s episode:

Alyssa McGregor ~ Sexy leading lady with an independent streak. Younger sister of Gavin and Thomas McGregor, and older sister to Eve McGregor.

Shane Maxwell ~ Deliciously handsome security expert with off the charts confidence. The man could make a woman melt with the heat coming off his sex appeal.

The Scene:

In walks Shane Maxwell

The Excerpt:

“Retired Navy SEAL; special ops, security and weapons expert.” Alyssa looked over Shane Maxwell’s curriculum vitae. “Are you sure you’re in the right place?” This man should have been applying at companies like Lockheed Martin or something like it. The man was amazing—on paper anyway. “Look, you’re…wow…you should be applying for work at some government sponsored company or something. You’re,” she hesitated. “I hated when people would say this to me, but…my God man you’re over qualified.”

He smiled at her and shifted into a more relaxed version of an at ease position. Alyssa had seen her brothers use the same stance enough to know the position. He was getting comfortable, but he was still all business. “When it comes to security there’s no such thing as overqualified…”


Shane is working hard to get the job; maybe a little too hard. Will Alyssa piece together why Shane Maxwell is really applying for work at her small jewelry store on the Row, an upscale Scottsdale, Arizona dining, shopping and arts district?

Betrayal of the Dove, book nine in the Men of Action series, will be out June 2012. Just a few more weeks to go, and every Sunday we’re going to be taking a look at the cast of characters heating up the Row.


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