Fly on the Wall Sunday: That Moment

I remember back in college when I took a writing class to try to fill in one of my elective credits. The photography class was full and I love writing so it seemed like a good idea. We were doing short stage plays and short stories in that class and honestly it was fun. But there was that one evening where my story was on the chopping block. I know, it happens, but I’m rather reserved. I can’t sit there and watch while people are reading my work…and I certainly can’t sit there and listen to somebody else read it out loud. There’s kind of this moment of “No! That’s now how she would say it; throw some heart into it woman!” What can I say; I attach to my characters.

Anyway, right before the professor had my story read he went on and on about how he hated dream sequences in books and how they never work. What was in my story? You probably guessed it—a dream sequence. It was a daydream, in my defense, but it was also the entire short story. So when the reader finally got to the end of the story, and the fact that my lead female was daydreaming about her extremely sexy archaeologist boss finally pulling her into his arms and kissing her, well, yeah…the professor goes, “oh,” in one of those; I loved it until I found out it was a dream kind of way. I had this smirk on my face, not one of those, “take that,” kind of smirks, but more of one of those, “oh crap, but it’s too late to submit a different story now,” kind of smirks. The one that pretty much says, “great, now they all know he hated it because he just gave a ten minute rant on how bad dream sequences in stories are.” Yeah…I don’t know why I thought of that right now. It has nothing to do with this Sunday’s Fly on the Wall post ;).

Let’s talk Returning Sheba, which has everything to do with today’s Fly on the Wall post.  ~ Alexandra Dupree is a successful psychologist, engaged to a high profile neurologist and firmly rooted in her reality, until one day, a very sexy, very determined man corners her on the street and tells her he’s her mate and he’s come to take her home.

Returning Sheba Short Story Cover


“I don’t know you,” Alexandra Dupree tried to sidestep the rather large man standing in front of her. He was tall, bronzed, built like a fortress and cute…even if his elevator didn’t go all the way to the top floor. And the two men he had with him…they looked like something out of a military action film. Right now she didn’t care who they were, she just wanted to get away from them. Summer was dwindling; unfortunately the number of crazy people in the world wasn’t dwindling with it.

“I’ve already told you,” he growled. “You’re my mate and I’ve come to take you back.”

She shook her head. “Back to the future?”

“Look, I’m a doctor and I know a really good hospital we can check you into.” If this were any other situation maybe she would offer to do the therapy herself, but this guy needed more than a psychologist, he needed drugs—and a lot of them—which meant he needed a psychiatrist. She knew just the right place to send him, and his not-so-merry band of crazy men.

Want to know more? Get your copy and find out how the adventure plays out in Returning Sheba  available on Amazon and Lulu.


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