Friday Dish: Nominations and Writing

The voting officially started May 2, 2012 for the Swirl Awards. The Men of Action series has been nominated for best series, so if you’re enjoying it, please vote for it?

This week has been busy. Remember that story I started that was supposed to be the next short short in the City of Free Reads section on this blog? Well, it is now a short novel and I finished it yesterday. I wrote the ending on the first full draft that is. Now I have to edit and design a cover, and come up with a new title. The old tentative title no longer fits the story. I like this story and I love how it just took off and really flourished into what it is now.

I’m also working on the December release in the MOA series. Killing Hannah has been a long time in the making actually so I am happy to be getting back to work on it. I have my research cut out for me as my lead female is smarter than I am on the subject matter and I would really like for her to come across as being knowledgeable. But at the same time there’s a bit of a twist in this book that allows me to just make stuff up without it coming off as too “unrealistic.” I’m wrapping up the last leg of that government conspiracy in this book and anything can happen. Don’t worry; it’s not the last book in the series. I still have Adam’s brothers’ story to get back to work on, and there were a couple guys mentioned in previous books that actually have a story going so I would like to incorporate those into the series as well. 2013 will see more Men of Action.

I have some rereleases to get together too, so I think I’ll be rather busy this month trying to figure out when to fit in some of the rereleases. And as you all know the last book in the Shadow Hills series comes out next month, so I have decided to release January through June books in one big print copy in June as well because I know some of you prefer print to ebooks and I try to keep a variety of options open.

Other than writing, editing, cover designs and being excited about the Swirl Award nomination, my week has included sewing, knitting and the usual cleaning, cooking, errands…you know…life 😉

That’s all for this time. More Dish next week; same time, same place. Have a good weekend everybody!


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