Wednesdays With The Arts: Sewing and Music

Never Judge

Never Judge a pattern by its name. It’s like judging a book by its cover, or a person you have never met by how they look. It often leads to unfounded perceptions, so it’s really not a good idea.

When I first started sewing I thought I would work with Simplicity patterns. After all, it’s called Simplicity therefore it must be simple; right? Wrong. Simplicity is the name, not necessarily the indicator on ease of sewing.

One would think I would have learned from that mistake, but when I saw a pattern called Sew-Easy I assumed it was going to be so easy…not so much. The thing is, whenever you’re new to something, learning and growing in that educational component, anything can appear to be difficult and a name, is just that—a name. It’s not an indicator that the pattern is going to be super duper easy to sew. I learned my lesson on that and also on prejudging based on size…but I’ll save that for another sewing blog. Basically, when I saw a Vogue pattern I decided it didn’t matter that Vogue sounded a little complicated because it would probably be just like all the other patterns. Not so much. But I’ve realized something working on this project. I realized that sewing is like music.

Sewing Is Like Music

There are majors, there are minors and in the world of sewing, much like music, the tune constantly changes.

C-Major has no sharps or flats. This, to me,  is like sewing in its beginning stages of prepping the project. It’s very natural. There are no strange curves, or lines that complicate things, it’s, in essence a C-Major. Then, once the work starts the sewing tune switches to another major; like A-Major where there are three sharps.

My first sharp of the project, 27 pattern pieces filled with cut one, cut two, cut three, cut four and cut five markings…yeah, that’s a lot of pieces. My second sharp was the gathering; where I got half way through sewing my gathering line only to find out that my thread had made a little knot along the way and my gathering was not going to happen. My third sharp…D-rings. Yes, those lovely little things that are meant to be a part of my dress are my G-sharp. Now in music a G-sharp sounds rather beautiful when played right. In sewing, my G-sharp a.k.a. D-rings, are not such a beautiful thing. The store didn’t have the size I needed. The smallest size was 3/4inch, so that’s what I bought. My ribbon is 5/8inch, so basically, my D-rings are too big for my ribbon. I now have to go see if I can find a nice, suitable 3/4inch ribbon to match the ribbon I have already bought for this dress, as it is also going to be the ribbon that laces through those D-rings. Yes, the D-rings were definitely my G-sharp of sewing this time around. So, once again, another sewing session is diverted due to needing more products. Basically, my dress is going to take a really long time to make at this rate. That alone will probably knock me into the minors where the project falls flat. Not that flats are bad…well, when you mean to hit them.

Oh well. Sometimes an additional sharp will keep things interesting. With hopes, by next week, I’ll actually have more than just the upper foundation of the dress to share with you.


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