Friday Dish: Sewing Mistakes and Then Some

Hello! It’s Friday. Of course you already knew that, and if you didn’t you do now ;). So let’s get to it shall we. As you can tell from the title I’m dishing about sewing and some other things.

I’m making a dress this time and I’m really excited about it and a little afraid of it because it is my biggest project yet. I’m working with things I have never worked with before and trying new techniques, so it’s a challenge to say the least. I’ve made a few mistakes so far. The one that hit me yesterday was I put the interfacing on the wrong piece. Now all the pieces are the same #3 piece, but the piece I put the interfacing on made it in a way that put one side of the interfacing going the right way and one side going the wrong way. So, since I had four piece-#3 cutouts I just swapped it out for one of the other pieces. But I had already sewn the lining piece and the outer foundation piece together so I had to take those apart. Basically it was a setback and so instead of finishing step nine last night I will be starting step nine today. It happens; and it really just tells me to increase my focus so that I don’t make that mistake again. Overall it’s going well. Although my sewing table right now is a mess.

Now, onto the other things that have taken over this week. I finished A Rancher’s Love. It is now in the editing stages. I also started another story on Monday. You all know this, especially if you’re on my Facebook page. You see there was this song, it inspired a scene and I thought it was going to be the next short short for the blog here, but it’s now close to twenty thousand words so that is not a short short. It’s going to be a story I actually release later this year. I love this story. It’s just taking off and it would be so great in the Men of Action series, except it really won’t fit into that schedule so it’s going to be a standalone book.

Ooh, speaking of the Men of Action series…I’m prepping the rerelease of two books that are kind of a prelude to the series. Death Before Dishonor had my first military hero, and without Ethan Sheppard the MOA series as it is today may not have existed. Then there is Educating Australia. She’s Geneva and Zenya’s cousin and ironically I wrote a short story for her before the MOA series actually started. Death Before Dishonor was actually released so if you bought it the last go round there’s nothing new that would warrant buying it again. I just cleaned up some of the errors I found post publication, but I didn’t change the story. Educating Australia wasn’t released to the public so that one would be new for all of you.



So other than writing and editing, I have been putting together some covers for upcoming books and I released Shadow Hills: Deadly Deception a few days early on All Romance Ebooks, Kindle, Nook and Lulu. That is the May book for the Shadow Hills series and there’s only one book left in that series which will be the June release. I’m putting January – June  in one big print copy…by big, I mean it’s big. I had no idea, but I guess I should have. I’ll put that one out in addition to the June release for those who prefer a print book instead of the ebooks.

The voting is still open, so don’t forget to vote on which name should be the name of the lead female in the upcoming detective series that I’m starting.

That’s all for this week. More Dish next week, same time; same place. Have a good weekend :).


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