Saturday Grow With Words: The Superficial Reader

Today’s word is inspired from one of the comments on the Pondering the Double Standards blog. The word is:

Superficial ~ 1. Of, relating to, or located near the surface. 2. Lying on, not penetrating below, or affecting only the surface.

Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary

I happen to think we may all be a little superficial. After reading Laura’s comment on the Pondering the Double Standards post, I looked at the world of fiction slightly differently and I have to say that’s the great thing about communicating with others, getting their ideas and being able to really think about them.

My thoughts run all over the place once I start really processing things and the one thing I started thinking about is how superficial we really all are. For instance, I like brown eggs the best. Why? Because I think they’re so cute and photogenic (I’m a photographer too you know). In all honesty I don’t think there’s any nutritional difference in them, but the brown eggs just make me want to carry one around all day. I literally hate to crack the shell because it’s just so smooth and pretty looking. I of course don’t carry the egg around; if it’s not hardboiled that could get messy. Plus it’s probably a little crazy to carry an egg around for no other reason than thinking it’s pretty.

But that leads me to fictional characters. Do authors spend so much time on physical descriptions in order to draw the reader into an attachment to the character? As readers, do we care more about a character if we like the physical description? Would we care less about the character if they weren’t exactly what we found attractive? If the answer is yes, then wouldn’t basing our like/dislike on the outer shell of the character make us rather superficial? And does that superficiality carry over into our everyday life? Would we pass up a stranded motorist if they weren’t attractive to us, but stop and provide assistance if they were? For the record, that could get you killed either way so I’m not advocating stopping for strangers…calling the police from your phone to report the need for help would work too.

I do so love it when you all push my thought process in a different direction…even if you didn’t mean to do it in the first place ;).



  1. I think I would be a little superficial because I do look at the outer looks of a person, but I would also want them to have that inner beauty too. But if they’re a stranger on the side of the road I’m not stopping no matter what they look like.

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