Friday Dish: Full Speed Ahead

What a week! It’s been busy. I have been working on those crazy pants. I managed to get the pocket in (yes, there are two, but I only have one in),  but I’ll admit I haven’t been working as much as I should have on the sewing project. I got busy with other things…plus I’m kind of procrastinating the torture of trying to get the rest of this fabric combined into actually wearable pants.

Yesterday I posted a blog about the Double Standards in Romance. And ironically I spent this week getting the April book releases uploaded to all respective places such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Lulu and All Romance Ebooks. I do hope I didn’t delve into too much of a double standard in any of the books. I try not to ;).

April releases include:

~ Capri Montgomery books ~

Vendetta from the Men of Action series

Shadow Hills: April Showers from the Shadow Hills series

Warrior Rising from the Adventures Through Time series

~ Netherland St. James books ~

Saving Jacob on Amazon, Lulu and All Romance Ebooks

So that was a lot of work getting those out there. Warrior Rising was one of those books that was a mix of request plus impromptu story idea. Some people asked for a follow up to Returning Sheba. While I had planned to put more books in the Adventures Through Time series, books that are already underway, I wasn’t really sure I would have any that followed up on Sheba’s story. Well, since some of you asked, and the story struck me, I thought yeah…why not? So I started writing and proofing and editing, and getting it to my editor, designing a cover and voila…a book was born. Now it’s available as an ebook, but it is also available in print. The print book is a combined Returning Sheba and Warrior Rising book so you get two stories in one print book.

Ooh…I redid the cover for Betrayal of the Dove. I was never in love with the first cover, but I liked it enough to use it. So I thought, why not try to create something I could love? And so I created something that I like more than the first cover ;).

And, I’m getting ready to release a book that pretty much spawned the Men of Action Series. Ethan Sheppard was my first ever military man. I did so much research trying to get him right. I sat down with a retired Air Force Colonel…who is no longer retired, but is now back in uniform. I researched South America extensively…where I realized that the countries I thought were in South America really weren’t there at all…what? All of my geography classes turned into political science classes in school. I don’t know where anything is, but I can tell you all about the country’s politics ;)…okay I do know where some things are, but others…I have a vague directional sense that usually puts me in the right region…usually, but not always. I had my work cut out for me, but I had fun doing it. And since without Ethan there would probably be no Men of Action series as it exists today, I thought, why not release his story again? It’s kind of a prequel to the series type book since I wrote it long before the idea of the series came to me. I’m thinking since there isn’t an actual book in the series order coming out in May that maybe I’ll release it again in May. The next book in the series, Betrayal of the Dove, comes out in June.

Basically, I’ve been busy—but in a good way.

That’s all for today. More Dish next week; same time; same place.


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  1. I read Death Before Dishonor years ago when it first came out. It was good. Since you are bringing it back out will there be major changes? Will I need to buy it again?

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