You Asked…I Listened

You asked–maybe not you, but some of you, and I listened. I had always planned on having more books in the Adventures Through Time series, but I wasn’t sure that I would necessarily have another book that followed up on Sheba and Sebastian’s story. Well, some of you asked for more from that family and that’s what you’re getting. It’s a little different as in it doesn’t take right up from where the last book left off, but the great thing about time travel…fictional time travel that is…is that time hopping is so easy. So, here’s the new book in the series and I hope you all enjoy it as much as you seem to have enjoyed Returning Sheba.

Warrior Rising is now available on Amazon Kindle and Lulu. Later this week, once Lulu gets back to me on the issue with the print copy, it will be available in print as a combined book with Returning Sheba.

Warrior Rising

Kim would admit that she’s always felt a little out of place, but she would have never imagined that she was in the wrong time. When Gideon shows up, saves her life, and then tells her she’s from the future she’s ready to toss the sexy man into the crazy pile. But when she finds she’s able to do things she has never even dreamed of doing she has to admit that he might just be sane. Can Kim and Gideon find the Scepter of Light and make it back into the future in time to save the world? Or will a demented villain destroy the peace her mother, Sheba, has worked so hard to maintain?

Find out in Warrior Rising.



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