The Moment When You Know…

…it was a really dumb idea. Like that moment when you realize that you really shouldn’t have taken a chance and told that guy you liked him. No matter how much seizing the moment seemed like a good idea, it was really, really stupid. Or that moment…the one like when I first realize that I really don’t want to make this dress. Seriously, I don’t want to make it. Of course I knew that before I cut the darn thing out, but just like seizing the moment with a guy, I made a really stupid decision. Fortunately, the dress, unlike words that really shouldn’t have been spoken, is fixable. I can just not make it.

I officially have permission to set the pieces of the dress aside, because as my mother pointed out, if my heart isn’t into it then I won’t do the job right. So since my heart is in my pants…um…the pants I want to make that is…I’m going to work on the pants instead. Of course I have to find the time to actually get started working on them and right now I’m horrible with finding “me” time. And once my music lessons start I’m going to be even more pressed for time; why? Simple answer is that I won’t be able to just not practice. I’m going to have to get that cello between my legs even if I would rather be working on a story  all day.

So my plan is to finish the knitted shawl…which is so close to being finished right now. Then I’m going to get started on the pants I want to sew. And once I finish that, plus the top, I’m going to start the knitted blanket. And then, if the mood strikes me, I’ll get back to work on the dress. Of course I still have to finish the shawl and between now and then the mood might strike me to finish the dress first…but I doubt it ;).


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