12 Inches Too Short

I’m so close that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thankfully, that light is not attached to a train.

I’m almost finished with the shawl I’m knitting. It is twelve inches too short, and I still have to put the fringe on, but I am still almost done. Yippee! I do have to work on sewing this week, despite the fact that I don’t feel like it. If I don’t work on it then I’ll never feel like it. That’s my mental kick in the behind to myself; telling myself to get it in gear. If I don’t finish the dress I’ll never get to the pants and I really want to make these pants because they’re hot and sexy and I think they’ll look fabulous covering my behind. Yeah, it’s all about vanity and not so much about the learning curve. I want pants I look and feel great in. The pattern for these pants looks great…that is it looks great on the model. Rather or not it will look great on me is a different story. But I think it will because I’m fairly good at picking out pieces and patterns that fit my body in a flattering way.

So what else am I doing this week? Registering for class tomorrow…It’s about friggin’ time. Working on some writing. I finished all the stories on the list for this month…the ones that should be finished anyway. The Men of Action series book is going to take a little more time, but that’s fine because it is on the list for next month’s writing schedule as well. I’m going to work on Fashionably Dead too. And of course there is some work to do with edits. Boy, do I have a lot of final edits coming my way. Several books worth of edits…oh joy…oh bliss. It has to be done, so I’m going to suck it up and do it…just as soon as all the print books are here.

Other than that this week is really just about working, getting back to sewing and finishing this knitted shawl so I can start my knitted blanket.

Happy Monday everybody. I hope you have a fabulously wonderful week.


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