Grow With Words

I woke up at two in the morning and pretty much couldn’t get back to sleep. Was I thinking about today’s Grow with Words post? Not really. I was thinking about a few other little non-important…or not so important, things. Plus the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was in my dream and now it’s stuck in my head. The sad part is that I only know a little of the song and that’s the part that kept playing over and over in the dream…

Anyway, I’m currently torn between two words. One word I’ve already put the research time in to find and the other word is more of a “people clearly don’t know the definition of this word” type thing. Maybe I’ll get to that word next time. For today, I’m going with option A.

Pontificate ~ 1. To express opinions or judgment in a dogmatic way. 2. To administer the office of pontiff.

Source: American Heritage Dictionary


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