If the Dress Fits

I’m having more of my “what to do about sewing” moments this week. I have this dress that I should be making, but every time I pick up the unfinished pieces I put them right back down. I’m never going to get to the pants at this rate. I should have done some sewing on this piece yesterday, but I didn’t. I decided to try on the dresses I made instead. I figured if they didn’t still fit I would either take them in or put them in the back of the closet for the “maybe I’ll fit into it again one day” pile. They all still fit. Unfortunately they completely shatter my image of me. Don’t get me wrong; I love my body, but the me in my head is not always the me that greets me in the mirror.

In the red dress I had my, “good Lord there are still some wobbly parts,” moment. The red dress hugs my body in all the right places, or more like I should say it would be all the right places if all the places were solid. It doesn’t look horrible, but it has motivated me to change my workout. Clearly I need to do something to really firm up my abs. My therapist took me off sit-ups after my last accident, so those are out. I can, however, get back into doing the plank positions from yoga. Of course I didn’t really see any difference when I was doing those either. Although technically I think my core is still rather strong from dancing. It’s just the layer of fat on top of that muscle that seems to be getting in the way :(.

Anyway…the other dresses fit fine too. The silver/gray one still looks simply beautiful. The black one has the most gorgeous embroidered train…a train that took a lot of work to create by the way. Overall, I’d say my adventures in sewing are still holding up and looking fabulous. One would think that would be inspiration to get back to work on my current sewing project, but no. I have decided that next week will be a sewing week (that’s what I tell myself anyway). Honestly I think once I sit down and really get back to working on it I’ll be excited enough to finish, but until then…it’s just a matter of forcing myself to get in there and work on it. Have you ever had that moment where you know you should be working on something, but you just don’t have the desire to work on it?