A Work in Progress

My knitted shawl project just goes on and on. It feels like it’s taking forever to finish, but part of that is because I’m not working on it every day. I have a tendency to start writing or editing and before I know it a good ten hours is gone and knitting is just not on my mind by that point. I did get a little work done over the weekend, not much, but a little. It’s my goal to finish this soon because I do have a blanket I want to make. Currently I’m trying to decide if I want to incorporate the Saxon Braid or just do a regular cable knit stitch pattern. The Saxon Braid kind of scares me, but it’s so pretty that I’d love to try it. I’m just not sure the blanket is the best place to try it first…maybe in a scarf or something smaller.

Here’s my progress on the shawl thus far:

Knitted Shawl Progress To Date

That chair is so comfortable, but I swear it’s like a sleep magnet. Every time I sit in it I get sleepy. I’m about half way finished with this shawl. Maybe by the end of next month I’ll have it completed.


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