Fly on the Wall Sunday: Vendetta With a Poll

Normally I give you all a glimpse into one of the books that’s available or upcoming, and I’m going to do that in this post as well, but today I want to hear from you. I keep seeing all these pictures of half naked men…okay, most of them just have their shirt off…but here’s my question. Do you prefer your guy (real or fictional) with chest hair or without? Vote in the poll and let me know.

Now, on to the Fly on the Wall part of the post. In just two weeks the next Men of Action series book will be available for purchase. So this week I’m giving you a look at Vendetta, a story that brings all of our previous men and women back for the ultimate mission, one that could change everything.

Vendetta Book Cover


She felt a firm hand wrap around her upper arm as if it belonged there. She couldn’t see the person behind her, but she didn’t feel threatened because in that firm grip was also restraint. She knew she could be hurt, or killed, without a second thought yet somehow that one restrained touch set her mind at ease. She knew she had been being followed from the moment she got out the car and walked two blocks she had that uneasy feeling, but she put it off on nerves. She never met a client at night, and definitely not on his terms in an area of town that wasn’t exactly at the top of the list for safety, but she couldn’t turn this down. Her business wasn’t in trouble but this contract had the potential to really grow the business her father had entrusted her with. He could have left his company to anybody else—Kyle even, but he hadn’t. He left it to her and she was not going to see the demise of something he loved so much. This contract could change everything, so she decided to throw caution to the wind and break her own rules of safety.

In hindsight she realized that was a dumb idea. No; she actually knew it was dumb from the beginning. But the second she felt that spine tingling chill race through her body, that chill that only fear could deliver, she knew it could be the last dumb mistake she made. And then somebody had grabbed her and for a brief second she thought she was going to die in Boston tonight—or worse.

Vendetta will be available by April 2, 2012. If you haven’t had a chance to get acquainted with all of the characters in the Men of Action series now is a really good time to get caught up. Books are available on Amazon Kindle, Lulu and Barnes and Noble Nook.



  1. Loved your excerpt and so glad you asked about hair on or off! It’s my one big complaint, lol, all the men are hairless. That’s like only showing big-breasted women…well, no I guess that doesn’t compare because I’d bet 100% of the men like big breasted women. It’s just a matter of taste, I guess, but I like the look of a real manly man and chest hair is part of the pic of what that ultimate man looks like to me.

    • 🙂 Thanks; I’m glad you liked it.

      As for the hair(less) and big breasts comparison, I think it works. It’s like only seeing one body type, but not having other options. I think I fall in the category of “depends” because if it’s a lot of hair I’m not into that; if it’s a little then it depends on how it looks on the man; but I’m okay with a hairless chest too.

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