Fly on the Wall: Returning Sheba

Alexandra Dupree is a successful psychologist, engaged to a high profile neurologist and firmly rooted in her reality, until one day, a very sexy, very determined man corners her on the street and tells her he’s her mate and he’s come to take her home. Returning Sheba is available on Amazon Kindle and Lulu.



“I don’t know you,” Alexandra Dupree tried to sidestep the rather large man standing in front of her. He was tall, bronzed, built like a fortress and cute…even if his elevator didn’t go all the way to the top floor. And the two men he had with him…they looked like something out of a military action film. Right now she didn’t care who they were, she just wanted to get away from them. Summer was dwindling; unfortunately the number of crazy people in the world wasn’t dwindling with it.

“I’ve already told you,” he growled. “You’re my mate and I’ve come to take you back.”

She shook her head. “Back to the future?”

“Look, I’m a doctor and I know a really good hospital we can check you into.” If this were any other situation maybe she would offer to do the therapy herself, but this guy needed more than a psychologist, he needed drugs—and a lot of them—which meant he needed a psychiatrist. She knew just the right place to send him, and his not-so-merry band of crazy men.

Perhaps she should have listened to Grant, her fiancé, when he told her New York alone wasn’t the best place for a woman of her size. Instead, she had taken great offense to his unintended insult. She knew how to take care of herself—kind of…sort of…and she didn’t appreciate him implying that she needed a full on bodyguard just to walk the streets. It was broad daylight, and she wasn’t in an area that posed high risk to her safety…at least she never thought of it as one.

When she moved to New York from Texas she was ready to take on the world. She had moved around a lot as a child, going from one foster home to the next. She lived in Washington State for a short time, then Ohio, then Florida, then Colorado, then North Dakota and finally Austin Texas became home. She didn’t know where she had been born really. Nobody knew. The only thing she knew about her past was that her parents hadn’t cared enough about her to even drop her at a fire station. They had left her, naked, without a blanket, in an open field near the Idaho, Washington boarder. After that, she ended up placed with one family after the next, and somehow she always ended up having to change states every time she changed homes. She was like a military brat, without the military. When she decided to move to New York she didn’t really feel as if she was leaving much behind. She was taking her skills and her knowledge to a new state. She had a small office at the hospital, above the treatment area, but below the psychiatric ward. She was content to just mind her own business and work. Her patients kept her busy; that was enough. And then she met Grant—very wonderful, very skilled, neurosurgeon at one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York. He was cute and sexy, thin, but in shape. He had boyish charm, like he had just pledged a fraternity and was already the king of it. He swept her off her feet in a matter of months, and then they were engaged. She loved him, but she hated the fact that he looked at her and saw this woman that he thought needed protection. So what if she was just a half inch over five feet? So what if she was one hundred five pounds? Being short, and being small, didn’t mean she couldn’t take care of herself. Of course she had never found herself practically cornered by this many men. Now she was starting to wonder if Grant had been right.

“We need to go. Now,” he snapped.

“Yeah, clearly you need to go somewhere. Look, I’m not going anywhere with you because I don’t know you. I have a fiancé, and time travel isn’t possible. You need help. I would suggest you seek it. That, of course, is my professional opinion.”

“We don’t have time for this,” he tinkered with the case strapped to his waist without breaking eye contact with her and expertly pulled a syringe from the case. He looked her over once and then, without any hint of warning, he jabbed the syringe into her neck. “I’m sorry,” she heard him say before everything went black.

Want to know more? Get your copy and find out how the adventure plays out. It’s available on Lulu and



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