Fly on the Wall Sunday: Something Different

I’m taking a break from the usual Capri Montgomery book snippets today and bringing you something from the Netherland St. James line of short erotic romance stories.

Way of the Wolf is a shifter book available on Amazon Kindle, Lulu, Nook and All Romance Ebooks. What’s a woman to do when she’s in love with not one, but two of the men she works for? Olivia Jennings is ready to pack her bags and run because in her mind she can’t have both of them, and her heart won’t let her chose one. Trace and Dustin, however, have different plans and if they have it their way, the only places Olivia will be running to is their bed.

Fly on the wall view:

“It’s just…I…oh please don’t say anything to them, but I like them.”

“Really?” His voice carried a tone of amusement and curiosity. “Like them how exactly?”

“In a way that I shouldn’t. You all are family and I find myself…I find myself wanting them both. That is just so stupid because neither of them want me. I know they flirt, but that’s just playful banter. Neither of them has given me the impression that they’re serious. And even if they were…I’d have to pick one of them and I couldn’t do that. I…I love them both.” She turned her head to look out the window as they pulled into her driveway. “Just don’t tell them I said anything, okay? I need to get myself out of the situation, but I don’t want them to know why.”

“Why?” He said. “Why can’t you have them both?”

She laughed. “Men. Your solution is if you can’t chose one then pick both…that’s not how it works. One man, one woman; that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Way of the Wolf ~ Available now…almost everywhere. Okay, maybe not almost everywhere ;). Kindle, Nook, Lulu and ARe.


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