Hello March!

Hi and happy March everybody! I hope the month kicks off to a great start for all of you and caries that momentum all the way through the month…and beyond too. I’m kicking this month off with more unpacking, errands, new releases, and questions about blogging.

Why do I keep getting all these Spam comments? Seriously, I don’t write about dieting, not that I wouldn’t mind doing that, but I don’t do it here. I also don’t write about cell phones or male enhancement drugs, surgeries or anything like that. And seriously, my blog is in English for a reason, so if I can’t understand your comment I’m not posting it. I know the USA is supposed to be a free country, but I don’t think the FBI has any issues kicking in somebody’s door because of something illegal linked to their page. So, if you comment with something, even if it’s legal and nice, if I can’t understand it I’m not posting it. Sorry Charlie but prision is not the home I strive to attain.

Now, onto the unpacking issues…I can see the floor now…of course there are still several crates to go, and somehow the contents keep ending up on the floor overnight, but we have made progress! Yes, I think we’ll finish soon. Here’s my problem, I have a hard time getting rid of things. You would think I lived through the Great Depression (I’m not as bad as some people) but I have clothes I haven’t worn in years. Every time I move it to the donate pile, it ends up back in my closet on the basis that I “might need that one day.” LOL, I really need to get rid of some things. I think I’m just going to have to wait until I have one of those “clean house” days where I toss everything in a bag to go. Of course I’ll also have to take it the same day otherwise those contents will make it back into the same spot I removed them from. I have managed to make a small pile of things to take so today, while I’m running errands, I’m stopping by the Salvation Army and dropping off everything in the crate before I feel the need to take everything back out of it.

As for writing and books…The March releases are here! I’m happy about those books being available. I had an issue with Shadow Hills: M is for Murder, but I managed to get the correction uploaded and it’s back on Amazon Kindle too. And Love’s Last Hope is finally here. You can read the blurb and an excerpt in one of my Fly on the Wall Sunday posts. This is the first book in the Forbidden Passions series. It’s a steamy romance through and through (Love’s Last Hope that is, and not the entire series). It follows Donovan Tinsdale and Michaela Andrews. She’s been in love with him for more than ten years but happily ever after for Donovan’s daughter does not include having Michaela romantically in his life. Eighteen years separates them and now Michaela and Donovan must decide if taking a chance on love is worth risking everything. Love’s Last Hope is available on Kindle, Lulu and Nook. And Shadow Hills: M is for Murder is available on Kindle, Lulu, Nook and ARe (All Romance E-books).

Other than that, this month is going to see more unpacking, getting back to sewing, knitting and of course writing. I’m still working on the Men of Action series books and the last book for the Shadow Hills series (June’s book). I also have a thing this month that I’m greatly anticipating. I saved for it for a few months last year and then I booked my spot. I don’t have the tickets yet. Just because I’m eager, doesn’t mean everybody else does things as early as I do. I sent in my request last year, but they don’t process them until two weeks before the event. LOL, what can I say…I’ve never been one to procrastinate.


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