Fly on the Wall Sunday: Love’s Last Hope

It’s almost March and I will have two new releases arriving. Both are novella length. There will be Shadow Hills: M is for Murder (book 3 in the Shadow Hills series). There will also be a romance novella titled Love’s Last Hope. I wouldn’t call this a “sweet romance” because I think “sweet romance” books have no sex in them. I could be wrong on that. But I wouldn’t call it an erotic romance either…at least I don’t think it’s one. The one thing I am sure of, is that there is no suspense by way of a murderous bad guy. Read on to find out more about Love’s Last Hope and then be sure to get your copy on March 1, 2012 when the book becomes available on Amazon Kindle and Lulu.


Love’s Last Hope is part of the Forbidden Passions Series, which follows the Tinsdale and Eastwick families. In Love’s Last Hope, the first book in the series, we’re meeting Donovan Tinsdale, a fifty year old business mogul, and Michaela Andrews, a thirty-two year old cost analyst with his company. These are two people who are perfect for each other, yet destined to be kept apart by age and family. When Michaela accidentally blurts out that she’s in love with him, Donovan can’t ignore, or deny, the feelings they have been developing for each other for the past ten years. But with the eighteen year age difference and Donovan’s daughter Jillian to factor in, these two consenting adults have to decide if taking a chance on love is worth risking everything.


She wiped the tears from her cheek the moment her office door opened. Unfortunately she hadn’t been subtle enough. She heard the door close and lock. She looked up to find Donovan staring at her.

“Talk to me,” he said so lovingly, as if he were a father comforting his child. Jeeze, she was just four years older than his daughter for heaven’s sake. What was she thinking?

“I’m fine,” she shuffled some papers around before pulling up the Italian account. “Palo Succi wants me to fly out and look over the office dynamics for myself. He assures me everything is fine, but he would rather if I came out, got a chance to know the men and women I’m working with and then we can talk business.”

“I don’t care about that,” he nearly growled. “What were you crying for?”

“It’s nothing.” She tried to break the building tension. What could she tell him? I’m in love with you and it hurts wasn’t a conversation she could afford to have.

“It’s not nothing,” he nearly barked.

“That’s a double negative,” she felt her heart starting to race faster. Why did she have to love him? Why couldn’t she love Joe in accounting, or Kevin in IT. Kevin was smart, attractive, and nice.

“Michaela,” he warned.

“You…you wouldn’t understand.” She tried to ignore him, but she couldn’t. The look in his eyes told her this conversation wasn’t just going to go away. She didn’t have a bank of lies just waiting for an opportunity to arise for her to withdraw one of them. She didn’t work that fast. What could she possibly say; I stubbed my toe? No, she was wearing closed toe shoes, and she was also fully aware that he wouldn’t buy it.

“Don’t make me come over there, Michaela.”

And what was he going to do if he did have to come behind her desk; spank her? The image that question conjured up made her hot just thinking about it. She liked things a little less typical in the bedroom, but she had never gone in for spanking. She liked being tied up. She liked it when a man talked dirty to her, not raunchy, just dirty, but spanking—she never trusted a man to do anything like that to her. Why was she so turned on by the possibility now?

“Talk to me? Is somebody bothering you? I can take care of it—”

“No,” she snapped. “You know, I’m not your daughter. I’m not some little kid who needs your protection.”

“Where is this coming from?” He looked at her, shocked by her outburst. He wanted to know where it was coming from…fine. She would tell him.

“I’m tired of you treating me like I’m a child. I’m a woman you know?”

“I know,” he treaded cautiously.

“I’m not your daughter. I’m four years older than her too. And I am so mature for my age.” She stood and walked over toward him so that they were standing closer to each other. She tilted her head back to look up at him. “I’m thirty-two,” she stated. “And gosh darn it I wish you could see that.”

“I see that, Michaela. You’re successful. You handle business—”

“Right, I handle business. I’m successful. I’m in love with you you big jerk and you don’t even see it. I’m so in love with you it hurts. Every night I go to sleep wishing you were holding me, wishing you were inside of me…and I wake up knowing it can’t be.” She felt tears burning her eyes. “I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for years, since the day I met you I wanted to be yours. I’m in love with you…and you just…you don’t even know it.”

He was silent, and rightly so. She couldn’t believe she had just let those words leave her lips. She had managed all these years to keep that emotion hidden from him, from everybody, but today she had just let the cat out of the bag and she couldn’t put it back in. “I’m sorry,” she stepped back. “I shouldn’t have said anything. I shouldn’t have…” She felt humiliated. He had every right to fire her and toss her out on her behind. “I’ll clean out my desk,” she walked back behind her desk and started removing the photos she had sitting on the desk. The only three she had were of Donovan and Jillian and herself on the vacations he had taken her along on. He had his arms around both of them. Now that she looked at that photo she realized he had his arms around both of them as if they were both his daughter. What an idiot she had been…

Love’s Last Hope will be out March 1, 2012. Please be sure to get your copy?


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