Book Banning

Rarely do I do two posts in one day, but I’m finding all these great blogs about the PayPal, ARe, BookStrand issue of banning books. I have to say that even though erotic romance isn’t my genre any longer, I understand where this one step can lead to bigger issues. Not only does this take the freedom of choice out of the hand of the buyer, this also takes money out of the pocket of the writer. This is a business, and for some, like myself, the only job we have, the only way we’re able to pay our bills and put food on the table; in this economy having income is highly important because jobs aren’t just a dime a dozen out there anymore. It would be nice if people would stop letting their morality choice infringe on the well-being of everybody else.

The blog below is one that I found interesting, and also there are links to other blogs discussing this same issue. Take some time to check it out and inform yourself of what’s going on out there now.


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