Friday Dish: What Men Find Attractive

Clearly there’s never a point where one reaction can be applied to all of either gender. Just like women have different likes and dislikes in a man, men also have different likes and dislikes in a woman. Toady I’m keeping it simple by just talking physicality here and not the more in-depth, less shallow, characteristics that make up a person.

We moved; no surprise there as we have been pretty much moving all month. But this week the movers came and the guy in charge told my mother that she had a “beautiful daughter.” My initial thought was, “seriously?” Because here I am, no makeup, my hair is a mess, literally a mess; I’m wearing my work jeans and a basic black tank top, with a sweater over it, to work in, and I have on tennis shoes. There was nothing attractive in that look to me, but he obviously thought so. I guess it just goes to show that not all men need the perfect Barbie look to find beauty in a woman. You can be at your frumpiest state of appearance and there is still somebody out there who will find you attractive. This isn’t a scientific study of course so I could be wrong. I took it to mean one thing; he could have meant something entirely different. He could have just been talking about the appearance of my body in my clothes which has nothing to do with how horrible my hair looked. He didn’t strike me as that kind of guy though. He’s older and I think some older men tend to look at the world differently than some younger men. I say some because clearly saying all in this situation would be a false statement.

This, of course, makes me think of the male characters in my books. They are so diverse, which I love because I don’t think there’s ever a one size fits all characteristic for men no matter their profession or physical build. I love that my guys have varying degrees of strength, wisdom, vulnerability and of course, the typical romance alpha male character. I try to make sure that my characters are realistic, yet fictional at the same time. They don’t have all the right answers for every situation. They don’t always find the perfect solution, and sometimes they make mistakes. What I like about them is that they’re mature enough to recognize their mistakes, and humble enough to take help when they need it.

I love being able to explore the human psychological makeup through my male and female characters. Just like in real life, no two men are exactly the same in my books, even if they are a bit similar at times. Professions might be the same, or different, but the character, likes, dislikes, outlook on life, each of them react differently than the others. There’s Gavin McGregor, from The McGregor Affair, who seems pretty put together until London McGowan’s life is in danger and then he’s ready to jeopardize an entire mission to save her. The only thing to keep him calm is the reserve of a man who has sworn off love—Sully Masterson, and of course Drake Daniels provides an assist as well. Sully, on the other hand, is calm and angry. The man is so angry in Saints and Sinners, and honestly, he’s not your typical rescuer. Yes, he saves Alaina from an intense Central American hostage situation, but shooting the hostage and then dragging her through the jungle barefoot isn’t exactly what she would have expected from her rescuer.

Sully and Gavin are two different men, with a similar situation, but a completely different reaction. I think it’s the same when it comes to attraction for men and for women. What one finds attractive, another might not like at all. Same situation, with a plethora of reactions, and it all depends on the individual person involved. I guess what they say is true, there is somebody out there for everybody. So, ladies and gentlemen if you are looking don’t give up because you never know when the right person, somebody who will appreciate you for who you are not what they want to change you to be, will come along. And if you’re not looking, that’s fine too. That’s one of the great things about living with freedom—you have choices for your own life and you’re free to make them for yourself.

That’s enough about attraction and diversity and freedom of choice. What have I been up to this week by way of writing? Not much. I finished editing a couple of the upcoming books and now I need to transfer the edits from the print copy to the electronic copy. I did a little work on upcoming books and mapped out a future story in the Men of Action series. Mostly, this week has been about moving. Come Monday, however, I am getting back on track with my daily work routine, mixing it up with more unpacking, and a little knitting.

That’s all for today. More Dish next week; same time, same place.


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