Fly on the Wall Sunday: Love and Trust

The Geneva Project

Drake isn’t a stranger to danger, love and even betrayal. Will a promise he made to himself twenty years ago keep him from fully accepting love into his life now?

“We’re not all like her, Drake. I would never hurt you like that.” His eyes snapped to hers.

She kissed his neck, and then she brushed her lips over his chest. “I’m not after secrets;” she brushed another kiss on his abdomen, as she slowly worked her way down his body. “I don’t care about your position with whatever part of the government you work for.” She kissed him again, letting her tongue play with his navel. She inhaled the fresh scent of the soap he’d used in his shower. She could taste him, masculine, strong; his taste lingered on her tongue. “I don’t want your money.” She slowly worked her way back up his body, placing soft, tender kisses on his skin, feeling his muscles tremble beneath her sensuous caress before bringing her face close to his, looking into his pale green eyes—deeply seeking his permission to be free, to speak freely. “I just want a place in your heart.”


The Geneva Project is available now on Amazon Kindle and Lulu. And Now on Nook!


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