A Lesson in Patience

I like knitting, on most days, because it is like getting a huge lesson in patience. Unlike sewing, you don’t get the finished product as quickly. I can start a corset with sewing and be finished within three days if I really put in the time to work on it. With knitting, I can start a project, really put in the time to work on it, and still have it take weeks. And as I knit, stitch by stitch, I am constantly reminded that some things come slowly, but if you put in the time, and the work, they will eventually come…some things that is.

I’m still working on the shawl. Will it be finished in time for the show in March? That’s a question I don’t have an answer to. Currently, I’m leaning towards saying no. We’re moving and the festivities of packing, moving, unpacking and cleaning, start today and goes well into next month (it’s a lengthy process) so I’m not sure how much time between moving and working on the new books, that I’ll have to knit. I’m trying. I have done some work this morning already and as of this morning, here is the progress.


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