Fly on the Wall Sunday: Seducing the Bodyguard

Valencia Dugan-Mishoto isn’t just sexy; she’s downright lethal. When Harrison Sinclair finds himself ambushed with yet another one of Geneva’s attempts to make him take on a bodyguard he’s ready to say no once again. But when the sweet and sensuous Valencia stands in front of him the only thing he can think of is all the ways she could guard his body. Will his seduction knock Valencia off balance and allow a deranged fan to make good on her promises? Or can the highly trained former assassin turned bodyguard keep Harrison’s seduction out of her mind long enough to save his life?


“Harrison Sinclair does not hire bodyguards. A man has a reputation to protect.”

Valencia smiled. “It appears to me that a dead man has no use for a reputation.”

“It’s not that bad. It’s nothing.”

“It’s nearly seven months of crazy fan letters, Harrison. Please?”

Despite Geneva’s plea Harrison just wasn’t ready to admit all around defeat. “I can’t walk around with a bodyguard—especially one like her. What will people think? The media will have a field day with this.”

“Maybe you can just say you’re training her as a new assistant.”

“I already have an assistant. And everybody knows after Lani Davison I’ll never go the route of a female assistant again.” He shivered just thinking about crazy Lani. His biggest mistake had been hiring her.

“Perhaps we can come to an arrangement,” Valencia smiled. “I will play the girlfriend—in title only, and in public only, but in private I will wear only one suit, and that will be the suit of the bodyguard. To your public I will appear as just a woman by your side. But I will always be the bodyguard protecting your life. Nobody else has to know that except the people here in this room.”

He thought about that real hard, and real long. With her playing the role of the girlfriend maybe he could get a taste of that mouth of hers, see if it’s as sweet as she sounds…


Seducing the Bodyguard will be available on Amazon Kindle, and Lulu February 1, 2012; also available for Nook February 2012.


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