No Valentine

I decided to release book two in the Shadow Hills series a week early. I have the next book in the Men of Action series coming out next month and I thought it would be better if they didn’t release on the same day. Problem? Yes. I found a typo that everybody who was involved in the pre-publication part of the book (including myself) missed. So, I have fixed it for the Lulu and ARe releases, but I can’t fix it on Kindle until Amazon finishes with the publishing phase and actually lets me in to make changes. So if you get access to purchase the book before I have access to fix it, then I apologize in advance for the typo that we missed.

Anyway, Shadow Hills: No Valentine is available on Lulu and ARe. It will be ready on Barnes and Noble and Amazon shortly.


Shadow Hills is getting ready for the town’s Valentine’s Day Dance, but not everybody will get what they want. This month in Shadow Hills: No Valentine, we’re meeting some new residents of this small town, while still following some of the men and women we have already met. Tanner is back and this time he’s ready to go after the woman he wants, but will a dark secret and a young temptress tear them apart?

Come to Shadow Hills and see if Cupid missed his mark this February.


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