Missing the Darkroom

Trust me; it’s not the smell of the fixer that makes me miss being in the darkroom. It’s the great images that I get to watch come to life (metaphorically speaking) right there in front of my eyes. That gradual appearance of the image that always seems to amaze me, even if the first print doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. It was just a couple days ago when I started looking at some of the prints I made not that long ago, but before I started bouncing around all over the place and had to relegate my enlarger to permanently packed away status, and I realized how much I miss being able to make my prints.


This week, so far, has mostly been about writing, the business of writing and trying to finish off some of the upcoming books in both series, while working on the books in a new romance related series. Of course there’s the usual things in life as well and all of them are on the many plates at my table, just waiting for me to sort them out. On top of the usual daily activities, I’m also getting ready for the release of book seven in the men of action series, Seducing the Bodyguard.

Seducing the Bodyguard Men of Action Series Book Cover







I’ve taken on a different kind of knitting project (just different from what I have been doing lately) and I hope I can finish it in time. I think I can, but it’s going to take many hours of work per day on it. Speaking of which…I should probably get back to it.

Have a great week everybody!



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