Fly on the Wall Sunday: Shadow Hills and Valentine’s Day

It’s almost February…well, kind of…and the next book in the Shadow Hills series will be up soon. So, I’m taking today to give you all a look at Shadow Hills: No Valentine. And next week we’ll look at the other February release, the next book in the Men of Action series—Seducing the Bodyguard.

In Shadow Hills: No Valentine, the town’s Valentine’s Day dance is stirring up trouble for Tanner and Anya’s budding relationship. If Emmie Devenshaw has her way, Tanner is going to be escorting her to the dance and afterwards he’s going to escort her to his bedroom. That’s her plan, but will her tactics secure her victory or push him farther into Anya McLane’s arms?





Emmie Devenshaw paced from one corner of her bedroom to the other. The Valentine’s Day dance was coming up and she needed a date, and not just one of the local home grown boys. They were all idiots anyway. Even Luke was the village idiot compared to Tanner. She liked him—a lot. She had been flirting with him at every chance she could get. He hadn’t noticed. She had called him out to her property at least ten times because of her stupid cat that she had conveniently placed up the tree, and he had come. The last time he told her to call the fire department instead of his office. Well, no. He had told her that the first time too, yet she kept calling the sheriff’s office instead. He had started brining cans of tuna with him and that got little Georgina down out the tree. Unfortunately it worked too well because the last time she called, Tanner had sent Luke with a month’s supply of tuna.

There was no way she could call for the same problem this time. So, it was time to pull out the big guns. She adjusted her D-cup boobs in the C-cup bra she had bought. Flesh spilled out just enough over the top of the cup to be enticing. She had a low cut sweater to put on too. Of course it was freezing outside and she would have to put on a coat or she would look like she was trying too hard, but she was sure this sweater with this bra was going to be the magic combination to get him to ask her to the Valentine’s Dance.

That new girl, Anya McLane, had nothing on her. She was going to go and strut her stuff right in front of her and show her just why she didn’t have a chance with Sheriff Tanner. He was hers. She had already claimed him…kind of anyway.


Shadow Hills as a series runs from January through June. Book one, January’s Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero, is out now and February’s Shadow Hills: No Valentine will be out by February 1, 2012 on Lulu and Amazon Kindle and should be available on Nook around the same time.


Thanks for coming on this journey with me. It’s different, but it’s fun and I hope you will all enjoy February in Shadow Hills.


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