Friday Dish: Something Different

It’s Friday again! You probably already knew that. It’s been a busy week of sewing and writing, a lot of writing. I’m really excited because it’s almost time for book seven in the Men of Action series to see its release date (February or slightly before), and on top of that, book two in the Shadow Hills series will be out. I really like this series, particularly the fact that it is different. I left a note for the readers before the first chapter starts and you can read that note in the sample as well. So my advice would be to read the sample, and don’t breeze past the note because if you do then you’ll find yourself in the dark as to how the series is structured. Each book is written exactly how I wanted it to be, and each book builds up to the next book. It’s not a standalone series.


Now, onto something non-writing related… I finished the dress I was making. It’s different than my normal look that I go for—by way of material. Sometimes I like to step outside of my comfort zone and do something different. The color is not a huge departure because I do like darker reds and darker blues, but I don’t normally go in for a brocade print material. One thing I’ve noticed is that I have never been particularly sorry for stepping outside the box. I made a pink dress that is more of a bright almost rose pink (I think) color, very pretty, not too out there, but not my norm—and you know; I love it. I love the color on me, too, because it looks great. I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t taken a chance. It’s the same with this brocade. I saw it; loved the look on the ream, but wasn’t sure I would love the look on me. I decided I would try it. And I like it. It looks good. I’m not sure if I’ll wear it or the black dress for my one night out in this here year of 2012, but I have a little bit of time to decide. I’m leaning toward the black dress because of the embroidery.

I’m getting ready to start sewing the green dress. I’m taking a couple days off from sewing, but I’ll be getting back to it really soon—probably Sunday actually. I just need a little reprieve before I start putting the pieces together. But, knowing me, I’m probably going to want to start it sooner than my intended start date. Here’s a look at the red dress that I just finished making: 

Be sure to come back for Saturday’s Grow with Words and Sunday’s Fly on the Wall posts. I’m going to give you all a look at the February upcoming books over the next few Sundays, and maybe a sneak peek at Love’s Last Hope.

That’s it for now. More Dish next week same time, same place. Have a great weekend everybody.



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