One Down…So Many More to Go

Well, I finished the corset, hem, lace and all. And last night I moved on to the dress. I have part of the bodice done…well, not really done. You see it’s too big; I know this already, but I have to put the lining in first this time to see just how big. This material doesn’t stretch so the last thing I want to do is cut the excess off and put the lining in only to find out it’s too small. So, I’m going to wait on altering. I am going to start the lining for the bodice today, so once that’s done and I add it to the top fabric I can see just how much I can take off and still leave room for the zipper.

So far, the dress is going well. I have my patterns lined up to my mother’s strict specifications of not having the stripes, flowers or any other pattern off…yeah, she’s really tough on that. I get it, however, because she’s likely to notice if one flower is out of place and you know, I’ve pretty much adapted that from her as well. So, while it meant cutting piece by piece and lining up as I went…so far, so good, and well worth the effort. I’m hoping the skirt portion is just as perfect, but I’m not sure. It was harder to do because it’s so long, but I hope once I get it together that everything will match perfectly.

Bodice for the next dress.

So the order of sewing for today (after I put in my time working on my upcoming books) is to finish the bodice, getting it fitted and all, and then, if I have time tonight, start the skirt portion. I don’t think I’ll get the skirt attached to the bodice tonight, but one never knows. In either case, it’s bodice first, skirt second, attach third, ensure fit fourth, zipper fifth, hem last…at least that’s how I remember this going the last time I made this dress.

My mother said I’m getting good at this. You know, it kind of makes me think I’m making her proud of my sewing and that feels good. I mean, it’s only like the twentieth time I’ve tried to learn. I was bound to get it eventually.


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