Sewing Corsets

I have far too many sewing projects going right now—basically about six, but only four of them are ones I actually intentionally started within the past few weeks. I started a corset, and a dress that will go with/over it…or by itself, but they are the same color and material. And I wanted to finish the pants I had started last year. The problem is that I thought the grommets I have would work, but they, too, are too big, so I have to either wait, or think of something else to do with the front of the pants. I liked the initial idea, so I’m leaning towards waiting. Helping that decision to wait is the dress I just started (yes, another one). You see I have a night out coming up in a couple months and while I thought I might wear the black dress with the butterflies, or the red dress with the twist in the front, or the silver-gray dress with the pleats and the train, I’m leaning towards not wearing either of those. Of course that has a lot to do with the dress that I have so graciously added to my sewing schedule. And to top that off, my mother has found projects I started way back in my last attempt to learn how to sew (before I gave up and decided I was more suited for knitting) and now that I can sew she thinks I should finish those so she can have her pins back. LOL, yes, the pins are still holding the cutout pieces to the pattern. So since there are two of those projects I have decided I will do those as well.

Mostly, I’m working on the corset, and now the “night out” potential dress. By way of corsets, I spent far too much time over the past couple days working on this one. On Saturday I made a lot of progress by way of putting all the pieces (1-6 times 2) together, getting the corset busks in (yes, I had to work with those magically closing holes again) and that took pretty much all day. This was my progress as of Saturday night:

Spring Green Corset in Progress


On Sunday, I was busy with other things, but I did get some work done on the corset, and I managed to start prepping the other dress. Everything, except the lining and the one piece of interfacing is cut out now. But working with the corset I did all of the top stitching, and I got my metal boning in. Now I’m trying something different with this one. I’m stopping the boning higher, and I also decided since my boning is so thin that I would try using two (one on top of the other) inside each channel. So far it looks fine, and so I am going to move forward with the idea today. With all boning now in, I still have to set the grommets, hem the top and bottom of the corset and then lace it. Setting the grommets will probably be the most time consuming part because there are so many of them, and once again I’ll have to deal with those magically closing holes. Seriously, I never knew fabric could do that…and if I ever have time maybe I can get around to researching to find out why.

That’s my sewing progress. By way of knitting, I’m prepping to start another blanket. I was going to do a scarf, I thought about a sweater, but ultimately decided I’d like to make a car blanket…it’s not a blanket that goes over the car obviously, but one that goes inside. Hey, I didn’t name it ;). I’m changing the pattern because instead of stocking knit stitch pattern I want to do a snowflakes stitch, so I need to rework the pattern to make it work. Right now, the corset and the dress are priority. The corset is priority because I’m almost done with it and I don’t want to put it in the “to finish later,” pile that seems to keep growing. The dress is a priority because if I love the material in dress form as much as I love it off the ream, I’m going to want to wear that dress for my night out. I’m probably only going to have one of those this year so I might want to choose my dress wisely.

I guess I should get going because I have to do some work with writing today and then cello practice and sewing…lots of sewing.


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