I Like it in First Position Best

In addition to starting new stories yesterday (while working on the current ones) I also started new music…new for me that is. I opted to not start with the 1812 Overture, which is the first piece in this book…instead, I skipped to one of my favorite Bach pieces, Minuet in G. I figured, I learned how to play it on violin so I should be able to play it on cello too. Well, yeah…it’s a tough one. I’m focusing on the first sixteen measures right now which keeps me in first position. I like first position. First position is my friend. I’m okay in fourth too. Actually I’m okay in third and second, but when I have to shift between all of them…well, not so much on the okay front there. I shift too slowly, and sometimes I’m not very accurately shifting from fourth back to second, so I need a lot of work on that (a lot more work I guess I should say). Unfortunately, Minuet in G, after the first sixteen goes into that lovely shifting positions thing that sounds great when other cellist do it, but sucks–big time–when I do it.

I’m also working on Brahms, Lullaby. It sounds good actually. Of course it helps that it’s in a solid first position so there’s no shifting. Things that need work here are my dynamics. I always laugh and say I have two dynamics when it comes to music, Loud, and Louder. So I play mf and f very well, but clearly Lullaby is in mp (mezzo-piano) so I should be moderately soft, not moderately loud, or louder. It’s also an Adagio piece so it should be slow, not fast. Much like my talking, I need to slow down. Those are semi easy fixes, unlike my lack of speed with shifting positions which is going to take a lot of practice…and I’ve been practicing most of the year already :(.

I think most of my problem is that I’m comparing myself to when I learned to play violin. I was much better with that in a much shorter time, and I practiced far less than I practice cello. My other problem is that I just want it too badly. Is that really a problem? I think it can be. I think because I know where I want to be as a cellist, and I see that I’m so far from that goal, that I can’t really appreciate the accomplishments I’ve made thus far. Seriously, when I first started I thought the cello was on the same clef as the violin and…surprise! It’s not. So I learned how to read a new clef. I learned more…or more like I remember more…about music theory and reading music by sight without writing in the note names above the drawn note, than I did when I played violin. I’ve made progress. And if I would stop comparing myself to how I played when I was on violin, or where I want to be with my cello playing, and start just focusing on where I’m at and what I’ve learned, maybe I could appreciate the minor accomplishments I’ve made so far.

On top of music I have pinned all the pieces for my next outfit. I’m making a dress (an everyday one; not another formal dress) and another corset…but I want to try buttons on the corset this time. I hope that works…it might not. I might want to think about that some more before I do it. Oh…and I learned that when you’re not bloated it is so much easier to get the corset on. Basically I managed to get into it today without help so I think that means I’ll drop the new “I need to lose weight” talk.

I know, that’s a lot of blog about everything other than writing…okay, maybe I’ll give a little update on writing. I did start a few new stories this weekend. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I thought of a great new storyline (that has nothing to do with dinner), so I stopped to write about one thousand words of it. Then I was prepping my dress pattern when I thought of another great storyline, so I stopped to write part of that down too. I was working on Vendetta, book eight in the Men of Action series, and I thought of the perfect part for the next story in the book, so I stopped to write that too…Seriously, my brain just never stops conceiving stories. I have so many of them to work on now, so I think I’m going to be busy for a while. I just hope I can get through some of them before my creative imagination gives birth to another story ;).

I hope you all had a great weekend, spent time with those you love, and managed to stay safe this holiday season.



  1. Oh no, not for the lacing part, I wanted to substitute buttons for the corset busk. But I ordered the busks instead so I guess I won’t be attempting the change…then again…I just might. I’m trying to figure out the complexity of getting buttons fastened as opposed to getting the corset busk closed while the garment is already laced to perfection.

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