Finished Corset

I finished the corset today. It doesn’t fit the dress form, but it fits me so that’s really all that matters at this point.

Corset in Progress:

Corset in Progress


Finished Corset: The color didn’t change, but the lighting did…it’s actually darker than either picture.

Finished Corset

I learned two things: 1. It really does take two people to get into a corset. 2. I really feel as if I need to lose weight now.

First of all, I tried lacing the back on the dress form and then just working with the front, but that doesn’t work because a dress form is not a human body so pulling the strings of the corset while it’s on the dress form does not fit the same as pulling the strings while the corset is on my body. So I put it on and my mom tightened the laces. She kept saying, I can go tighter. Eventually I said, “no thanks; I’d still like to breathe.” I can see how corsets improve posture. You really can’t slouch in those things.

Secondly, while the corset totally takes an inch off my waistline…while I’m wearing it…something about having to have help getting my undergarments on really does make me feel like I need to lose some weight. It’s like, “okay, if I hold my breath while you pull…” LOL, I don’t know how women wore these all those years ago, but I can kind of see why they did. They’re cute and elegant and there’s something quite sexy about wearing one. But I do still feel like I need to drop about ten pounds now.

Will I make another one? Yes. I had already planned to make one to go with a pants suit I plan to make out of a very pretty light green material. I want to make some modifications to the design for the next corset. For one, I hate the corset busks. They aren’t very user friendly. Once they’re closed they stay, but getting the little nobs to go in the holes and stay while I’m working with the other ones just isn’t an easy task. I was thinking maybe I could use buttons instead and make it kind of like a top. Then I could wear it under the suit jacket as a top, or under a dress as an undergarment. I don’t know yet. I have a lot of material so I’m trying to decide what I’m going to start next.

I have my very first corset, and I made it…Yay! And I just bought one so it should be here early next year (I hope it fits). And I am going to make two more for myself and my mom wants one so I’ll make one for her. And I still have to start the bikini, but I don’t have fabric for that yet. Oh well…now that today’s sewing project is done I should really get back to work on writing…and cleaning the kitchen. Maybe I should do a second workout today too :).


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