Friday Dish: The Week in Review

This week has been busy with writing, as always, music and I’m back to sewing. I finally have everything I need to make the corset…yes, I thought I had everything before, but I really am sure this time…kind of…sort of…It’s going well, thus far. It looks so small, but I think that’s mostly because I’m working in pieces and all the pieces are small. My front right half and my front left half are having pieces added to each section, but they aren’t connected to each other yet so all I get to see are two different halves of the outfit. Plus, it doesn’t close in the back because it laces. So I’m trying not to panic and think I have made the wrong size after all those lovely measurements I had to take; and I’m trying to stay positive. I will be able to wear this little thing…Yes I will. Actually, it looks pretty good on the dress form so I think it will be okay on me once it’s completed.

Corset in Progress


As far as writing goes, I am working on another book in the Men of Action series. I love the cover that goes with it; I think it’s one of the best covers in the series so far, and I am enjoying writing the story as well. There’s just so much to work with for this story because it has been slowly building to this point since book two in the series (The Geneva Project) and I really don’t want to leave anything out. At the same time, I don’t want to add filler words. I think some of the best advice I have read when it comes to writing is to write the story in as many words as it takes to tell the story; not one more and not one less. I know there’s always something somebody wishes found its way into the story, but I have to write it how it plays out in my head, and not just add details for the sake of adding them. I think part of that is because I started off as a hardcore murder mystery fan. Every detail, no matter how small, seemed to be vital to solving the mystery. There really wasn’t any fluff in the books I read. If the author told the reader the corsage was a red carnation I knew that was going to be important somewhere in the story. Just like every other author out there, I have my own style, and my own voice. I’m glad some of you can get into my books. For those of you who cannot, I am sure you will find an author out there that you can really connect with. I know this because I love to read. While I can’t connect with every author’s voice, there are those out there that I love to read and just can’t pass up some of their books.

Anyway, I don’t know how long this particular story that I’m working on now will be, but thus far it’s going along really well. I had to make some decisions; some of them heartbreaking for the characters, but it was needed to advance the series, even if that means certain characters might not be joining us in the future.

I’m also working on Shadow Hills, and I am excited about this series. I know I have said that before, but I am so excited. I love it so much that I’m thinking of extending the series. I’m thinking of taking the scheduled hiatus from it, but coming back and exploring more of Shadow Hills after the break. That might not make sense right now, but it will after you have a chance to see book one, Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero which is out in just a little over a week.

Shadow Hills January Cover

I mentioned music as well. I’m trying to get into music school next year and I hope I’m able to do it. I have to move next year so that comes first. And if I can find my way into school, even though it’s really far away, I’m going to go, with hopes by the April start session. My dad sent me birthday money so I ordered a new book of cello sheet music that includes the 1812 Overture. I didn’t have that piece of music before, and I really don’t know if I want to learn it. I haven’t heard that piece in a while but I do remember it sounding very complicated. I like a challenge, but I’m not sure that everybody’s ears like it. So, while I know I’ll get to it, I’m leaning towards sticking with Passepied a little longer before incorporating the new piece into practice. I’ll have to wait to see. I get bored really easily so I have to mix things up to keep practice interesting.  I haven’t practiced violin in a while. I really don’t think I”m going to get back into that. I was trying because I played years ago, but I really don’t like the sound of it. I love the cello so I tend to practice that daily while violin just sits silently in the closet.

That’s actually all that’s going on right now (that I can talk about anyway). For those of you who might get Kindles or Nooks as a holiday gift, this is the perfect time to get into the Men of Action series by buying the books available for Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook. For those of you who won’t have either of those devices you can still buy a PDF, or print copy through my Lulu storefront. I’ll catch up with you all for more Dish next week; same time, same place.


Happy winter to all of you!


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