Magically Closing Holes

Today has been interesting. I started the day editing one of my books…I had to finish the final round of edits for the February Men of Action series book release. Now that everything is done I’m clear to focus on all the other edits I have in store for me as well as the books I need to finish writing for the 2012 releases. Yes, busy, busy..but the most fascinating thing that happened for me today was that I learned something new.

Okay, maybe I didn’t really learn anything because I’m still not sure how it happened, but I kind of learned something because now I know it can happen. I, as some of you know, sew. I’m making a corset for the first time ever and in the directions there was a section about inserting the corset busks. Well, when the author wrote “if the hole closes” I thought “How odd…” I didn’t realize fabric holes could close themselves. I thought it couldn’t be possible. Somebody was clearly mistaken because that’s just not possible. Well…it was possible…and not in a fun way either. I put the hole in the fabric with the Awl (which I’ve never worked with before) and before I could get the nob in the hole, it had closed! Frustrating? Yes. Eventually I got all of them inserted. I must admit, I’m amazed that fabric holes can close on their own. I don’t understand how that’s possible…but it happened and I think it’s kind of scientifically cool (but that’s just because I don’t understand it right now. Once I know the how and why it will probably seem less magical.)

So what else is on my to-do list for today? More writing. I’m working on the April MOA book release and the April Shadow Hills book release. I also have a murder mystery I need to get back to work on. I want to do a little more work on the corset because I have to finish it before I can start the bikini. I’m determined to go someplace tropical next year and I want a new bikini to take with me even though I don’t swim and probably won’t ever put it on…all of my vacation activities are usually non bikini wearing events. I’ll probably end up hiking up a mountain instead of lounging beach side. One never really knows I guess, so it makes sense to have the swimwear just in case. Plus it gives me an excuse to make something I’ve never made before. Corset first; bikini second…must stay focused here.


P.S. Here’s the cover for the February MOA book. I’ve changed it three times and I think I might leave this one…but you never know.

Seducing the Bodyguard Men of Action Series Book Cover


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