Fly on the Wall Sunday: Shadow Hills

I mentioned the Shadow Hills series earlier this week. We’re almost to the January release of Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero. I’m excited about the series and I thought this week’s Fly on the Wall Sunday could give you all a look inside the first book in the series. This series is different than the Men of Action series. When the free sample for the first book is available on Amazon Kindle please read it because it will give you an idea of what this series is and how it’s different than anything I have out there right now. I haven’t actually seen any other authors do this with a novel, but I’m almost certain it probably has been done before—that’s usually how things go. I think I have something original, like a title for a book, and then I find out it was a 1940’s movie. So I’m sure if I dig around I might find somebody who has done what I’m doing with this series, but for now I’m in blissful ignorance if anybody has. Since I haven’t read every book out there, I’m going to avoid saying it’s completely never been done before, and stick with “I’ve” never done it before. If you’re buying the books via Lulu PDF, or print, you’ll be able to read the book preview there as well and get an idea of what the series is about once it’s available.

Okay, that’s enough chatter about how different the series is, let’s travel to Shadow Hills and get a glimpse inside the world of our Fallen Hero.

Shadow Hills January Cover


He laughed to himself as he slid on his thick gray socks. Natalie hadn’t even waited for the ink on the divorce papers to dry before she shacked up with somebody else.

“She’s his headache now,” he pulled on his boots. It had been a year now and he needed to let it go. He needed to get past her words—but so far he couldn’t.

Everyday he felt lacking. Being a Marine was all he knew, all he wanted to be. He had trained under his father since he could walk—trained to be the best of the best. He had enlisted right after high school, did his college studies online so that he didn’t have to miss even a heartbeat of military life. And now he was just getting by as a sheriff of a small town where the height of excitement was Deek Saunders stallion jumping the fence  and going to graze in Lilly Jackson’s field.

“Tough job,” he mumbled as he pulled on the winter coat flagged with big yellow letters “Sheriff,” across the back. Until four months ago he thought he might die of boredom, but that was four months ago. That was before Anya McLane moved into town and opened her little boutique on Main Street. Now, boredom was the least of his worries.


Shadow Hills: Fallen Hero is book one in the Shadow Hills series, and will be available early January 2012 on Lulu and Amazon Kindle. Once it’s available, don’t forget to get your copy and find out what January has in store for our Fallen Hero.


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